Beach Wear: A Handy, Helpful Checklist

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So you’re planning to make the most of this summer and hope to spend it sipping margaritas or another expensive cocktail at the side of a pool or beach, taking in the summer rays and developing your much needed natural tan. You’ve been working out pretty well over the last year, following the advice of this blog of course.

You feel like it’s time to pay the respect to your new found body by adorning it in beautiful clothing that highlights your strengths and makes you look just divine on the lucky beach you’re to inhabit. If you’re single, you never know, but this might be the summer of love that allows you to enjoy a wondrous holiday romance, one you might eventually be able to tell your grandchildren about.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. For now, looking great on the beach should be your primary aim. Thankfully, finding cheap but quality sun dresses for ladies or accessorizing in tasteful ways that say ‘Hey, I’m here and ready to enjoy the summer!’ has never been easier.

Here’s what you should look for for a handy summer wardrobe that you can look great in, and interchange depending on your outfit mood for that day.

Summer Hats

Summer hats are a fantastic way to keep the shade on your face and avoid burning your neck and shoulders when traversing your holiday destination. Sometimes, no matter how much sun cream you’ve put on, you can burn during a particularly intense sun lounging session. Mitigate these effects by ensuring your face and upper neck are shaded by wearing large brim hats. These can be light and breathable, maybe even sporting a mesh frame to prevent you from sweating overly underneath the hat. This is a great and light way to provide yourself with some much-needed shielding from the sun.

Light Dresses

As with hats, the most useful clothing in a summer wardrobe are light, breathable clothes. These are flowing, comfortable and can look seriously stylish. Whatever helps your skin breath through the fabric is of paramount importance, because wearing too dark a garment can lead you to sweat and look unkempt. That’s the opposite of the intended goal here. If you’re looking for that perfect element of style, consider wearing floral print or choose a pattern that best suits you. Who said light clothing should be bland clothing?


For beachwear, there is simply no more effective footwear than sandals. This protects your feet from sharp objects that might appear on the beach floor, and in very hot areas, allows you to avoid the blistering hot sand you might step on. If you’re looking for stylish wear, why not try wrapped sandals, much like the Romans and Greeks were famed for wearing? They look just stunning and can complete an outfit.


Swimwear is exceedingly important. It’s important to find something that fits and helps you feel comfortable in your body. This might be a tasteful bikini, a slimkini or an all-in-one bath suit to help you feel comfortable while entering the sea or resort pool. Make sure that you pick the adequate size. If you’re not sure, it fitted.

Having these staples in your summer wardrobe will mean that you’ll be well equipped for whatever the beach throws at you.


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