Dressing to Feel Better About Yourself

Dressing to Feel Better woman with clothes in the air

Fashion has always been around for people to follow. It grants us an access to fit into the society more easily while also giving us the chance to express ourselves in a subtle or loud way, depending on how your dress yourself. However, sometimes, people may take fashion to the extreme and wear bizarre outfits just to look good. This extremism in fashion may result in the wearer of that particular item to feel uncomfortable, or exposed or very conscious about themselves. This is the opposite of how a person should feel about wearing an outfit or an accessory.

Fashion is meant for you to have fun and feel great, and if you are not achieving that, then you are doing something wrong. Feeling better about yourself is also something that comes hand in hand with style and comfort. If you are confident that you look good and are comfortable in what you wear, then you will feel better about yourself throughout the day. You won’t worry about how you are looking at a specific moment and know that every angle and every move you make is perfect and doesn’t require you to adjust your clothes again and again. Here is how you can dress to achieve better confidence and feel good about what you are wearing:

Color of the Clothing:

Black is a classic color that works well with any skin tone and mot colors in clothing and accessories. For this reason, people prefer wearing black to other colors more often and have various shades of black. It is also a refuge for people who do not want to attract too much attention to themselves. However, you must not limit yourself to the choices of color. There are multiple colors that you can feel comfortable with. You just need to try on those colors more often. The colors that you wear convey a silent message to the people about your mood. The bright colors will convey to other people that you are more approachable, cheery and friendly. While the dark colors reflect a more seriousness in your mood. Your whole outfit doesn’t need to be colorful you can choose to wear a top or a trouser or an accessory that is of a bright color.

Plan ahead:

When you have more than one place to go to in a single day but not enough time to change outfit then you would need to plan ahead. If you are working in an office, but later have an early dinner planned with friends or family then you must wear something that works for both the settings. You may feel out of place if you don’t dress for the location which may factor in making you feel uncomfortable. Merge your day and night outfits to create a look that is unique yet comfortable as you may have to spend the whole day with those clothes.


Pay attention to the material that you are wearing for a long day. For the sake of fashion do not compromise your health or your comfort. If the weather demands you to wear clothes that keep you warm then don’t wear light linen tops and wear a fabric that is soft and thick. However, if the weather is nice and sunny, be sure to make the most of it and dress in your favorite lace top as a street style.

Dressing with Emotional Attachment:

Just like associating anything material with someone or a good time we had once had, clothing can have sentimental value as well. Many women even prefer to keep their wedding dresses not because it was expensive, but because the day they wore it was special to them. Similarly, any other clothing item or an accessory that can make you feel better about yourself, on a day when you are feeling low, then choose to wear that. The clothing item may be special to you because it was given to you by someone or you often receive compliments on it. Wear that outfit so that it enhances your mood and lets you feel more special due to that special attire.

Dressing to impress may be true in some cases, but you should always take your comfort into account before you decide on wearing something. It will not only help you feel better but also let you go through the day with ease. The above-mentioned ways may not be all the things that can let you feel comfortable, but they are major contributing factors on your goal to stay happy. So next time when you are picking something out for yourself, make sure that you prioritize your comfort.


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