Interior design principles to give your entire home a sassy transformation

Interior design simple living room

Modern interior design involves rearranging, experimenting with colors, and restructuring or remodeling of surfaces with the desired materials.

Inarguably, interior design principles are the ultimate guide for transforming your home design ideas into reality. You need to keep up and experience with new trends. A neon sign wall décor can add a lot of life to your home. It can lighten up the atmosphere and keep you in a good mood everyday. Following them to the book while still throwing in all of your creative ideas where possible yields you a prototype interior of your own.

Needless to say, these guiding principles are not there to entirely dictate what you do. You could mix different styles like antique furniture and modern design, and still achieve a bomb result with your home decor. Principles are only there to prevent you from over doing or under doing important design aspects, which would damage the intended mood you want to create for your home.

Pricy pieces for your living room are not a must

Not to completely discredit heavy price tags, but the modern interior design is about keeping it plain and functional as much as possible. The concept has the ability to bring out the beauty of the existing pieces by helping you to better illuminate their best qualities.

Functionality, an aspect that goes hand in hand with sophistication, isn’t common for all people. What works for you could not work for everyone in your home. Modern design principles help balance up all design aspects to suit everyone’s needs.

You can do a lot on a budget and have fun doing it, whether it’s looking for deals online or learning some DIY tricks.

Knowing what you know puts you at a forefront

Interior designers will offer you great ideas for your home transformation. However, these professionals may not necessarily know how you and your family live each and every day. That’s why you must plan carefully before diving into big projects.

Knowing what you want in advance also gives you the upper hand in making all interior décor decisions. After all, it is your home that we are talking about here, right?

When doing your planning, you have to keep one thing in mind though; you have to ensure that you maintain a common theme for the entire home.

Interior design trendy living room

The goal is to ensure that all the color tones and materials used for the interior design complement each other as much as possible. However, this does not mean that you have to be all “matchy” in all the rooms – it simply means that instead of choosing a single color for all your rooms, you can decide a suitable color and then select different tones for the same.

Ideas for specific parts of your home

Let’s have a deeper look on interior design principles that you can use for the transformation of specific parts of your home, that is, the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and backyard.

  • Living room

The living room is a weighty subject when it comes to interior design. Most of the time while indoors is spent here. It is also the face of your entire home. Someone may perceive your entire personality from how you have kept your living room. For instance, having a neon sign wall décor might tell someone right away that you have a passion for the subject matter of the sign and you want it to stand out loudly despite the given theme of the room.

The interior design principles that you should keep in mind for a modern living room range from the less detailed such as authenticity and simplicity to the most advanced ones such as utilizing repetition of patterns, a transition of colors and contrast.

Interior design open space living

Everyone wants his/her living room to be unique as much as possible. With the help of simple design aspects such as better lighting to illuminate the already existent components of your living room properly, linking authenticity to modernity should be easy.

Some people prefer bright lighting. Others prefer darker interiors. Technology, a major point of interest in modern interior design, allows you to do the unthinkable. For example, using remote controlled curtains and blinds allows you to control the lighting of your living room from the comfort of your seat.

  • The bedroom

Setting the mood is the most important design aspect that should linger in your mind when it comes to redesigning your bedroom. It is yet another part of your home where you spend most of the time.

There are some important factors that you should consider when designing your bedroom, the most important one being the lighting.

Interior design monochromatic bedroom

One window, not facing the bed directly, should be enough. Other bedroom furniture should not be too close to the bed-leave a reasonable margin all round. A well designed bedroom combined focal statement pieces like decorative mirrors.

  • The kitchen

The kitchen should utilize almost similar design aspects to the living room. If you want it to be a little different, ensure that there is a smooth transition.

Interior design kitchen light

This can be achieved through the use of different color tones of the same color used in the living room or the rest of the house. Some rustic touches added to a modern design, like large wood salad blows or copper cookware hanged on the walls will add a dash of warmth to the space.

  • Bathroom

The bathroom is the best part of your home where you can utilize contrast. For example, you could use alternating color or pattern tiles on the floor.

Walls contrasting the floor, like a combo of brown floor vs. white floor will add depth to the space. If you feel like the bathroom, feels empty add contrast piece or a painting.

Interior design bathroom contrast

  • Backyard

Just like for the bathroom, there should be a smooth sequence flowing in from the rest of the house.

Here, you can incorporate some plants to give your entire home a unique ambiance. Keep it simple and clean with a few unique touches and one focal piece like a birdbath or a fountain will do the trick.

Interior design backyard fountain

Final thoughts

Learning the basic principles of interior design can work for you in two ways, depending on the kind of person you are.

You can either do some great things yourself ( and have fun in the process) or you’ll be better at conveying your ideas to the interior designer you go with.

Either way, it’s worth it.


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