You’ve Graduated Great! “What Should I Do Now”

graduate throwing hats in air

Once done with graduation, you may want to steal a few months of your life. This time may be utilized to do what your heart desires before taking a plunge into the real “work” world full of competition. If working right away is not on your mind, utilize the time at hand to savor quality experiences that could also add value to your resume. If you’re worried about being left behind in the race, then re-think. There are several ways for you to constructively spend your free time post-graduation. Not sure what we’re talking about? Just read on.

There exist a host of options for you to choose from:

1.    Take a Break

It may sound weird to think of taking a break when most of the others are busy applying to full-time jobs. But it is important for you to realize that this is the time that you need to think and grow. If you do not feel you are ready to nosedive right into the job market, just don’t. Give yourself the time for soul-searching, to figure out what you really want to do with your life. Discover what your passion is, what inspires you the most, before you take that final call. You are now old enough to take your own decisions, make sure they are worthy.

2.    Travel

This is the only time that you will have at your disposal to travel the world with no chains holding you back. You are young and independent. You get to relish extra perks if you’re living at home with no rents to pay. Now is your time. Cherish it. Travel across the length and breadth of the globe. It doesn’t matter even if you have to let go of all your savings to witness the beauty of planet earth. Because you still have another 30 years of your life to earn all the money that you desire. But you wouldn’t forever have the time and energy to explore the world to your heart’s content.

3.    Do Volunteer Work

Volunteering for work that interests you will have numerous benefits associated with it. It will help you utilize your free time constructively. Volunteering also has the potential to give you an exposure to organizations you may eventually wish you seek employment in. It adds great value to your resume and you can boast of work experience in your interviews too. It becomes easier for you to bag a full-time job if you have a prior work experience. Thus, volunteering could prove to be immensely helpful if you’re a fresher. All these are the benefits of joining a timebanking community.

4.    Look for Part-time Jobs

Take up a part-time job that you have always been interested in but could not pursue for the lack of time. Work at the roadside café or assist a designer, do whatever your heart coaxes you to. This will not only help you pay your bills but will also open a host of opportunities for the future. For instance, a fellow graduate of mine was deeply interested in fashion designing. She took up a part-time job as the assistant of a renowned designer after we completed our graduation. She was eventually absorbed in the label as a full time employee, by virtue of her extraordinary skills.

5.    Prepare for Further Studies

Education is seamless. The more you get, the more empowered you become. Thus, preparing for further studies post-graduation is a fairly wise idea. Take up subjects that interest you and utilize your time to prepare for desired courses. You could even opt for gap year programs.  A specialization in your area of interest could land you the dream job that you always wanted. So don’t let the thirst for learning be quenched easily. There is always scope for learning and there are numerous opportunities waiting to be explored. It is in your hands to grab them or let them go!

6.    Spend Wisely

With no clarity of the future in mind, you would want to keep your savings intact if you do not intend to work for an extended period. This will keep you secure in times of need. While you must use the free time at hand to the maximum, make sure you waste neither your time nor money pursuing things with no long term gain. After all you don’t want to screw up the economics of a student’s life. Partying and shopping will seem to be fun for a while until reality strikes hard. The scenario that ensures after getting your bank account almost empty, well that life can be imagined by an economics student.  Hence, it is important for you to balance it out.

Finally, a Graduate

Now that you have several options to choose from, do not worry about which one is the best for you. Take the risk of listening to your inner voice. Life is a journey with several paths leading to the desired destination. Make your own path, even if that implies taking the road less travelled. As philosophical as it sounds, live each day like it is your last. Because life is what happens to you while you are busy worrying about your future!


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