You Don’t Have To Be Rich For New Recipes…

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When you’re trying out new recipes, it can be hard to stick to a budget. If you are trying out something that you have never ventured towards before, perhaps a new kind of cuisine, getting the right herbs, spices and ingredients can set you back quite a bit. It’s always good to invest in it just in case you need it for next time, but if you aren’t planning on cooking the same dish any time soon, it can seem like a lot of money wasted for just for one meal.

So how do you go about saving money whilst cooking?

Use Your Local Food Market

Whether this is a farmer’s market which is on a certain day in your local town or a shop which only sells fresh, local produce, there are always deals to be had when you shop around. Local food markets tend to have good prices on seasonal foods, especially if you are looking for meat – farmers who specialise in certain types can often beat the prices of their competitor supermarkets in order to gain your custom. The more loyal you are, the more that you will see the prices drop; these traders depend on you to upkeep their livelihood, and are more inclined to reward you for your trade than big corporation stores.

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Look Online For Deals

If you know that you won’t be able to get some ingredients from your local market, try looking online instead. You don’t get the true shopping experience in that you can’t touch and smell the ingredients in front of you, but it usually turns out pretty well. There are sites such as which are bursting with discounts, vouchers and codes for you to use in certain online stores. This could save you quite a bit of money in the long run, which could be put towards further recipes when you decide to go outside of your comfort zone again with your cooking skills. Even popping in items on supermarket comparison sites can show you the cheapest places to go for the things you need.

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Buy In Bulk

When you are buying things like herbs, spices, rice and pasta in little tubs and packets, you are getting a raw deal. There is barely enough in each to cover a couple of meals if you are quite liberal with your sprinkling, and the store is laughing to the bank with each purchase. There are wholesale food stores which can give you a good amount of each item which will last you a whole lot longer, and work out a whole lot cheaper for you. If you can’t find a wholesale store near to you, look for continental food stores/Asian markets which will be able to offer you the same thing for a competitive price. For the people who are used to throwing in handfuls of flavour with each dish that they create, it’s essential that they have the ingredients that they need – and it’s these markets which are able to give them what they want for a reasonable price.


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