Strangest Driving Laws Around the World GIFs

Strangest Driving Laws Around the World GIFs
Strangest Driving Laws Around the World GIFs

Check out some of the strangest driving laws around the world:

  1. United Kingdom: We love our sleep. Be sure not to use your car horn in a built-up areabetween 11.30pm and 7.00am, as this could cost you a £100! Unless, of course, another road user posing a danger forcing you to use your horn.
    UK driving laws
  2. Russia: Driving with a dirty car is a no-go when you’re in Russia. You could face a fine of up to £25, especially when there’s mud on your license plate!

russia driving laws

  1. New South Wales: Be careful when it’s raining in New South Wales and you’re passing a bus stop. Splashing mud on a pedestrian could cost you more than a whopping £1,000 fine. But, this is where it gets interesting, this fine is only in place for splashing mud on people waiting for the bus. That’s right, you can splash away on regular pedestrians according to this law!

new south wales driving laws

  1. Italy: When in Italy… make sure to drive with snow chain or winter tyres, which is compulsory in some cities even when it’s not snowing!

italy driving laws

  1. Botswana: Finally, when you’re in Botswana and want to carry your cattle (or just a puppy) on your motor bike, make sure to not let them obstruct your view. Not only could this cost you a large fine, but you could end up in prison for up to 24 months!

botswana driving laws


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