5 Tips for Achieving a Squeaky Spring Clean

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Are you among those who wish to have a clean and sparkling house, so much so that the word ‘cleaning’ is not enough, and you decide to take one step further to achieve an ‘effective cleaning’ instead? Well, if so, then you have landed at the accurate place to satisfy your obsession for attaining a spotless home.

Effective cleaning does not merely translate into a ‘spotless home.’ Instead, along with being unblemished, a clean house should also be sanitized.  Cleaning your home like a pro calls in the need for some handy and quality cleaning equipments too.

Following are mentioned some ultra-useful tips to swipe clean your home like a professional:

  1.    Plan your strategy:

Before beginning with the task, you need to devise a strategy in your mind. We often start cleaning our homes from bottom to top, for it sounds pretty convenient all the time. Well, this is what makes us different from professional cleaners. The pros know that top-to-bottom cleaning is always a smart idea, for in that way, you won’t be knocking down dust on your already-wiped shelves.

  1.    The dusting equipment:

Dry dust has the ability to fly and fall-off on far a places. Hence, hitting your furniture or the shelves with a cloth piece is only going to displace the dust speckles, and won’t help in clearing them off at all. Hence, for a flawless dusting, you need to equip yourself a quality duster that shall take care of each dust particle resting on your furniture.

If you like to use a cloth for dusting, chose a microfiber fabric for the purpose, for it will clump and collect the dust speckles in the cloth itself, rather than merely swiping them off onto the floor.

  1.    Cleaning glass and mirrors:

Glass and mirror cleaning requires a separate set of weapons, which may not exceed more than a quality spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. The spots and finger prints on the glass and mirrors at home can give you a hard time when cleaning. Hence, you need to fill up the spray bottle with some equally resistant solvent. A mixture of white vinegar and distilled water is more convenient here.

Wiping off the aqueous mixture from mirrors and glass surfaces without leaving streaks behind could be best achieved by using microfiber cloth.

To add a tinge of professionalism in your cleaning strategy, make sure you cover the window stills with towels before soaking the mirror or glass with your the vinegar mixture.

  1.    A touch of fragrance:

A clean home should smell like one too. Air fresheners vanish from the air within a matter of few minutes. Hence, the preferable alternative to air fresheners could be essential oils. You could use lavender oil, cinnamon, or nutmeg for the purpose.

  1.    Floor mop:

If your flooring is comprised of some hardwood material, then you better not use harsh chemicals to mop it. To begin mopping your wooden floor like a pro, firstly, get a quality mop that shall guarantee the life of your hardwood floor. Dampening the mop in warm water can provide you shining floors too. So you do not have to go after specific floor mopping cleaners all the time.

As a bonus, look into these antibacterial hand wipes as well in times where you are out in a public space and you are in need of a quick clean up. Sometimes good bacteria on your hands is a great thing in your own home; however, in pubilc you can never be too safe about cleaning up germs and protecting yourself from disease!


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