Budget Friendly Activities To Try In Singapore

Activities To Try In Singapore

Nowadays, the staple hangout spot for Singaporeans are hawker centres, wherein they pig-out on the variety of cuisines that are available and are totally affordable. But, when you’ve had enough of hawker centers, and you want to try out something new; there are a lot of activities you can try in Singapore! While some of these activities cost a lot of money, there are still shops, cafés, etc. in existence that offer a price point that is friendly to your wallet. Let’s dig into these budget-friendly activities that you and your friends can try!

Activities To Try In Singapore esplande

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#1. Programmes at the Esplanade

The Esplanade is a theatre that was built and opened in 2002 to improve the status of the arts in Singapore, and to also have a larger theatre that is readily available. At the time of its construction, the largest theatre in Singapore was the Victoria theatre which was only considered to be a small to medium-sized theatre and concert hall; which is also another reason why the Esplanade was built.

The theatre is used for a variety of things, from concerts, art exhibits, festivals, musicals, and many more. So, when you and your friends are looking for a musical hangout spot that is affordable, the Esplanade offers a daily free concert at their concourse or outdoor theatre. This will help you and your friends to revitalize your love for classical music – and music in general!

blu jaz cafe

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#2. The Blu Jaz Café

The Blu Jaz café is famous for their jazz nights that their customers can enjoy every night. But, they also regularly offer open mic nights and comedic events such as Talk Cock Comedy. Most of their events are in partnership with The Comedy Club Asia, which is why customers flock to their establishment. You only need to pay $10.00 for the entry fee and you can enjoy their jazz nights and other events!

Activities To Try In Singapore screening room

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#3. The Screening Room

If you and your friends are movie junkies, you’ll enjoy The Screening Room. They pride themselves in their care for movies and films because they want to provide the best cinematic experience for their customers. You can also eat a variety of food in the establishment, which is why they offer a promo that if you spend $15, you can watch the movie for free!  If you are a French Food lover. Also, you need to try budget-friendly French Hawker Food Delivery Singapore. Food in Singapore. You should surely visit any of these 10 Best French Restaurants in Singapore.

brewerkz Activities To Try In Singapore

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#4. Trivia and Quiz Nights

With the variety of bars and cafés in Singapore, comes the offering of different events that attract customers. One such event is trivia and quiz night! Here, you’ll be bombarded with questions ranging from cartoons to politics, so you and your friends better read up on trivia! This is especially fun if the prize is free beer or food! Most of these trivia nights can be attended for free, but some need an entrance fee of an average of $5. All of these are hard to participate in due to the number of people that want to take part in it, so you better book in advance!

Having fun with your friends and family shouldn’t always cost you a lot of money. If you really take into heart the things that were mentioned in this article, you’ll be saving money and at the same time having great fun!


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