Toilet Selection 101: Key Tips On How To Select The Perfect Toilet For Your Needs and House

choosing the right white toilet seat

The toilets in your house may seem like the most basic necessity, and you may be inclined to skip putting some thought into your toilet selection. However, that would be a mistake. There are many different toilets on the market, and they differ in both style and functionality. Picking the right one for your space can go a long way towards creating a coherent aesthetic in your bathroom.

Different Types of Toilets

So, we all know why the toilet is in the bathroom, but how toilets work and design differences are less well-known.

  • Two-Piece Toilets. Two-piece toilets are most commonly used. These toilets are the most economical, and feature a ceramic bowl and a separate ceramic holding tank. While these toilets provide great value, they take up the most amount of space in comparison others, and they can be more difficult to clean because of the separate parts and the seam between the tank and the bowl.
  • One-Piece Toilets. Single toilet units are made of a seamless ceramic piece that combines both the water tank and the bowl. They typically have a more modern aesthetic, and can be easier to clean due to the fact that they are comprised of one seamless segment. That said, these toilets are heftier to move and install, and tend to be more expensive.
  • Suspended Toilets. These toilets separate the bowl and the tank, but the tank is able to be installed behind the wall. This creates an ultra sleek look and reduces cleaning time as the bowl is the only component that needs to be cleaned. Installation of suspended toilet bowls is significantly more expensive and repairs also pose a problem as the component that most commonly requires attention will be located behind the wall.
  • Smart Toilets. Top of the line toilets offer special features. Most commonly, these toilets sport a contemporary design, smart toilets also feature additional bells and whistles. These might include a heated seat, automated cleaning features, a bidet function and more.

Choosing a Toilet

When selecting a toilet, there are three things to take into consideration:

  1. Pricing. The price tag is the ultimate deciding factor so it is worth considering first. For many people, splurging on a toilet is not high on the considerations list. In this case, purchasing the most economical unit, typically in the two-piece design, is the best bet.

You should also take into consideration water usage and efficiency as this will have an impact on your water bill over the long term. Dual flush toilets use updated technology that preserves water when compared to single flush toilets.

  1. Utility. Assuming pricing is not as much of an issue, you will want to take into consideration the style of your bathroom and the space available. In small bathrooms, a suspended toilet is the most space efficient option. A two-piece toilet is a good fit for more traditionally styled bathrooms, while one-piece and suspended toilets can provide a more modern, sleek look. Smart toilets can tend to be heftier, but can fit into the design of larger, contemporary bathrooms.
  2. Aesthetics. Depending on your preference, you may want to take utility into consideration white toilet in bathroom before the aesthetics. But generally speaking, once you have determined what toilets fit into the look and feel of your bathroom, it is time to narrow the field based on function. This is where you will consider whether or not you want an easier-to-clean unit and whether or not you want the extra luxury that smart toilets can provide.

More Choices

Once you have sorted through the major options available to you, make sure you select the perfect toilet by paying attention to the following items:

  • White toilets are standard, and we often do not stop to think about other options. There are many different shades of white, and also colors to choose from. If the toilet is in its own space, a separated stall for instance, you are free to choose a different color. If the toilet is in the same space as your other bathroom items, it is best to make sure that it matches the bathtub and sink ceramics. Bold colors are available with some toilet models but are best avoided unless you have a very distinct and coherent bathroom design that would benefit from such a choice.
  • The seat is definitely something to consider as this is the piece of the toilet that has the most interaction with humans. Everyone has a different presence, but be sure to choose whatever feels the most comfortable to you. Also keep in mind that many two-piece toilets do not come with a seat, while most one-piece toilets do.

By paying attention to all of these details and following the steps described, you will be sure to pick the perfect toilet for your home. Let us know how it goes.

Warren Fletcher

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