The Secret To Understated Elegance

Elegance woman in dress

Fashions come and go and what is considered stylish changes from season to season. However one sense of style that transcends all others and will never go out of fashion is that of understated elegance. However the problem with understatedly elegant style is that we can see it, and we can notice it in others, but it can be very tricky to actually to create ourselves. So here are our top tips on injecting a little understated elegance into your wardrobe.


Elegant clothes are simple, classic, well-fitted and fantastic to mix and match. Think of staple items, like smart navy blue blazers, Luminous shoes, nautical stripes, and khaki trousers for a casual yet elegant day look. For the evening think floaty chiffon tops with spaghetti straps, delicate heels, wide legged and high waisted, fitted trousers. Or perhaps an A-line dress with a soft cardigan and pretty ballet pumps. All these items are wardrobe essentials for an elegant look and are perfect for combining to create multiple understatedly elegant outfits.


Jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes these days, from chunky, statement necklaces to noisy and colourful bangles. There really has never been a better time to continually reinvent our style on a day to day basis. But for those of you that are wanting to style yourself elegantly and femininely, the ‘less is more’ approach is definitely the way to go.

Think little pearl or diamond earrings, delicate pendant necklaces and classically timeless silver rings. There is some really affordable delicate jewellery on the market these days so have a look online with a jewellery company like SilverBlings to look through ranges of minimal ring designs, classic pendant necklaces and delicate earrings.

Hair & Make-Up

When wanting to opt for a little timeless elegance the hair and makeup can’t be ignored. With so many cool and quirky styles around at the moment it’s almost hard to remember a time with understated hair and makeup was the go-to way to style ourselves. However, it never really went out of fashion and will always be a beautiful way to present ourselves when we are looking for something a little more low key and understated.

Elegant and chic hair is all about good grooming. Salty beach waves and messy ‘just got out of bed’ buns are just not going to cut it in the elegance stakes. So elegant hair styles all start with a good wash, hair shining serum and good old fashioned, high powered blow out for shiny, strong looking, voluminous hair. What you do after you’ve blow dried can vary from a neat, high ponytail, or a backcombed bun with a neat finish. A french plait always looks very chic and sophisticated or perhaps you can even try recreating the 1950’s controlled curl for the ultimate elegant hair do.

Makeup should be minimal, that ‘barely there’ look, working best for understated chic. Go for a matte, flawless foundation, little flush to the cheeks, neat and strong eyebrows, a nick of black mascara and a slick of nude lipgloss. And voila you are good to go.


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