Adding the Finishing Touches to a Bedroom Renovation

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If you’ve undertaken a renovation before, then you’ll know the struggle of trying to finish it off and making sure all the final touches have been added. It could be something small like bits of decor, something large and obvious that you forgot to replace, or it could just be the cleanup before you furnish it.

In the case of bedroom renovations, it can often be difficult trying to finish off the renovation. As we walk into the room, we might be a little curious as to why it doesn’t feel “right”, and we might feel like there’s something missing. It’s hard to put our finger on it because we usually spend most of our time sleeping in our bedroom. But to give you a hand, here are a few finishing touches that you should add to your bedroom before considering it a completed project.

Small decor arrangements

Whether it’s paintings that you used to hang on the wall or a couple of simple plants to keep on your bookshelf, there are plenty of decorations you can add to your bedroom in order to give it some finishing touches.

Windows and curtains

The windows usually aren’t seen because they’re either drawn to let in some sunlight or they’re forgotten because you’re sleeping. However, walk into your bedroom on a weekend and you’ll probably notice your window and curtains look a bit off. Make sure they fit with the decor in your room and give them a wash if you haven’t already. Make sure you change your curtains to fit the season. For instance, in summer you’d use thick curtains to block out the heat rays or thin ones to let in more light, and in winter you’d use thick curtains to retain heat in your room.

The bed itself

The bed is typically the centrepiece in a bedroom. It’s the largest object, we sleep on it, and it usually sits right in the middle. Make sure you’ve changed the sheets, the bed frame and even the mattress! If you’re looking for a comfortable replacement, then you’ll need to do a bit of research. The Novaform line is exclusively available from Costco and they provide excellent memory foam toppers and mattresses that help with aches and pains at night. If you want an option for summer, then consider gel mattresses for their cooling properties.


Whether your overhead lights are exposed without any shades or your desk lights are bare, make sure you add some lampshades. Not only do they focus light and make your lights look more attractive, they also add to the overall decor arrangement of the room.

Personalised touches

Let’s not forget that your bedroom is personal. Add some of your personal touches, such as certificates, photo frames, awards and memorabilia from your travels onto the shelves, desks and side tables of your bedroom. Keep in mind you can also customise the linen and sheets of your bed so that they fit your own style. The more personal you make it, the more you’ll fall in love with it.


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