5 Easy DIY Car Organizer Ideas

5 Easy DIY Car Organizers

One of the most important things to know about owning a car is being able to keep it clean on the outside, and organized on the inside. Having a car, like a Toyota Innova, for example, is a big responsibility. Other than cleaning, you must make sure that parts of the car like the tires, the engine, the oil, and gas are well maintained and regulated. Another thing to make sure is to keep all the items in your car organized. To help you get some organizing ideas, here are some handy DIY car organizer ideas.

  1. Using stationary holder

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One simple way to keep the thing in your car organized is by using some stationary holders. You can buy a good set at your nearby bookstore. Putting some stationary holders in your car makes sure that you’re able to keep all your small items in one place, like loose change, and even some actual stationary.

  1. A shower caddy to keep your car fluids

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Since shower caddies are effective at making sure that bottles of your shampoos, conditioners and soap are neatly organized, putting one in your car makes sure that your car fluids are kept well. This makes sure that your engine fluid, oil, car soap, water, and battery fluid don’t roll around your trunk and spill.

  1. Your own in-car snack organizer

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To keep your snacks in place, and make sure that you don’t make a mess in your car while eating, you can get your own snack organizer. You can buy some plastic containers (preferably the ones with dividers), and neatly place your snacks. In this way, your snacks, like chips and candy, are neatly placed in a single container, and you no longer have to bring them in bags, which are a hassle to clean up.

  1. Portable file organizer

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If you have some important receipts, files, and papers that need to be in your car in case of urgent matters, then it is a must to have your own mini file organizer in your car. Like the stationary holders, this can be found at your nearby bookstore. Having a file organizer in your car makes sure that all your important papers are in one place.

  1. Shoe organizers for your trunk

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Shoe organizers are not only items that can keep your shoes neat and tidy, but it can also keep items in your car organized. Shoe racks help you save a lot of space in your trunk, and makes sure your items don’t roll around and scatter while driving. If you’re going on at out of town trip, having some shoe organizers to keep important items like food and toiletries neatly prepared.

Keeping your car clean can be a huge undertaking, and takes a good amount of your time. While cleaning the outside of your car really takes a lot of time often, you can help yourself by having car organizers in your car interior. These simple car organizer ideas can help you keep your things neatly arranged, and makes sure that you spend less time cleaning the inside of your car.

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