Theme Room Design Ideas for Your New Loft Conversion

Theme Room Design white loft ideas



Are you looking for some fresh, inspiring themes to follow in your new loft conversion? You have a huge range of opportunities available nowadays, and it’s important to utilize them wisely and know what’s available. With enough research, you can make your new loft look unrecognizable from its original state, and you can easily adapt it to a theme you feel comfortable with.

Going for a cabin look

A loft has many properties that can make it perfect for imitating a cabin, and you won’t even have to put too much effort in your renovation to achieve that effect. You’ll want to make use of the angular geometry and play with the slope of the ceiling. Some support beams can work wonders for defining the edges of the room, and they can add a lot to the rustic style of the place as well.

You may need to redo some of the furniture in order to match this sort of look better. Older items, preferably made from wood, would typically work better in a room like this, so plan accordingly. Of course, if you already have the appropriate kind of furniture, you can disregard that step.

This style of loft can be very convenient if you have pets, as the resulting environment can be very cozy for the little critters.

Minimalistic and modern

On the other hand, you can try going in the opposite direction too. It’s very popular nowadays to design your loft in a minimalistic fashion, cutting out as much as you can until you’re left with the bare essentials. Keep in mind that this style is not for everyone and you might not find the idea attractive at all, and that’s perfectly fine – it’s your loft in the end and the important thing is that you feel comfortable in it.

Another important consideration to make is the complexity of the project. Somewhat paradoxically, minimalistic designs tend to be a more complicated loft conversion type than most others, as you would usually need to remove more of the original room in order to get the desired effect.

The price of such a project can go up quite fast as well, so be careful with your finances and plan accordingly. Pay special attention to the materials you’ll be using, as these can add up quickly when going for a modern look.

Living with kids? Why not do something unusual for them?

If you have kids, your loft conversion could be the perfect opportunity to do something extra special for them. A treehouse is something most children get to have at some point in their lives (those with backyards, at least), but what if you styled the entire loft of your home to resemble one?

This project doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds, and a lot of the work required by it will overlap with the cabin look we described above. Companies such as Entire Houze will do all the hard work for you! Wood is obviously the material of choice here, though you can let your creativity loose and play with some more unusual ideas too.

Colors are obviously much more important when designing a room for children, so be careful with that aspect of the renovation. It might be better to hire a professional to handle this part of the job if you’re not sure your skills will suffice. After all, this is something that you’re only doing once (hopefully) and it will last a long time, so it makes perfect sense to put all the effort you can into it.


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