5 Cleaning Hacks for Your Home Appliances

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Having a hard time cleaning your home appliances? Spending too much on cleaning materials that don’t actually clean?

Cleaning your beloved dependable home appliances do not really require too much spending. Knowing your way around dirt is the best and the most effective solution to the problem. Sometimes, it only takes a few items in your kitchen to do the magic – ‘wanna know how?  Here are 5 cleaning hacks you’ll definitely be fond of!

Cleaning Hacks laundry washing machines

  • Washing Machine

PROBLEM: Your washing machines may stink when you don’t actually clean it well or there are unwanted residues of soap stuck in the machine – worst case scenario is when your clothes smell just as bad after actually washing it.  SOLUTION: The solution is fortunately in your kitchen, the tag team natural cleaners: vinegar and baking soda! The magic potion: Pour ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of water into the detergent container, then pour two cups of white vinegar into the drum and run a cycle.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Leave the machine slightly open when not in use, and make sure you have all the water drained from the machine – do not let dampness build up.

  • Dryer

PROBLEM: Dryers can be a problem when not being well taken care of, specifically if you’re loading it with too much clothes, or it’s just those trapped debris trying to get in your way of smelling fresh.

SOLUTION: If that’s the case, then you need to clean your dryer vent and vacuum by removing trapped debris with brush. It’s safer to say that you really need to clean your dryer every few months or so, depending on how often you use the machine.

SAFETY TIP: Always clean and check your dryer as this can result to fire accidents.

Cleaning Hacks air fan

  • Electric Fan

PROBLEM: Sneezing on and on leading to a runny nose can be very frustrating. Your electric fan might be screaming dust to you, when translated into human words, would mean, “CLEAN ME!”

SOLUTION: The solution is pretty obvious, clean it. Common proven cleaning hack for fans is to disassemble it first (make sure it is unplugged), remove the front grill, fan blades, and the back of the grill. Then, you can vacuum large buildups of dust to make sure that it would not blow you dirt again. After doing so, bathe it. Bathe it like you’re taking a bath; wash it in soapy water, scrub if needed, and then rinse it thoroughly. Once done, you can leave it to dry or wipe it dry, whichever works for you, and finally assemble it to experience renewed freshness throughout your room.

SAFETY TIP: Just make sure that all washed parts are clean dry before assembling it again to avoid moisture in the fan motor.

  • Stove

PROBLEM: Fed up of cleaning grimy stove burners? It can’t be helped though, you cook. But you have to stop scrubbing, as it will always turn out the same.

SOLUTION: The key: ammonia. Place a quarter cup of ammonia in a large Ziploc bag, large enough to seal the burners (place only one burner per bag). Do not try adding more of the chemical as you only need the fumes to clean your burner’s oil and grease. After so, leave it for 12 hours, it’s better to do this overnight so you won’t need to wait for it to clean. Then you can wipe it in the morning with sponge to achieve a shimmering, sparkling, whole new burner stove look.

SAFETY TIP: Do not mix ammonia with any other chemicals. You might get in trouble.

TRIVIA: How ammonia works? You might’ve been curious, but really, it’s just the magic of fumes that dissolved all of the grease and hardened oil on the burner. Easy as 1,2,3.

Cleaning Hacks iron

  • Flattening Iron

PROBLEM: Irons are one of the long-term appliances you’ll have in a lifetime. Thus, it’s necessary to clean it every aplenty of use, to maintain its quality. You wouldn’t want your clothes to get unnecessary stains, would you?

SOLUTION: Here goes the solution, clue, it’s in your kitchen, and you use it for pancakes and sorts: baking soda. How? You just need to make a paste out of baking soda and water, coat the surface of the iron while avoiding holes (it can get a bit problematic so miss it to the best of your ability), let it sit for 45 minutes, and then wipe it off with a washcloth – and the result will definitely surprise you!

Quite frankly, your home appliances don’t need your money; what it needs is your time to clean it every now and then or at least, occasionally when it needs the cleaning. Do not leave it scorned, for an appliance scorned might get back at you.

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