How To Get Over That New Home Hump!

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Moving home is a pretty odd circumstance for a number of reasons. The primary reason is just how much of an upheaval it really is. It’s the kind of thing that leaves a lot of people feeling like they don’t have any roots yet and that they’ve lost their way a little bit. A lot of the time you have these expectations building up in your head of how amazing it’s going to be when you get to your new home, and then it doesn’t really feel like a home at all. In fact, it just sort of feels like a building that happens to have all of your stuff in. That’s something that probably sounds a little odd to a lot of people, but it’s a feeling many other’s knows very well. But can you do anything about it? Of course, any house will start to feel like home after a while, but here are some ways to help get past that initial new house hump.

Actually finish moving in

There’s an odd thing that a lot of people do when they move into a new house which is that they take a sort of “good enough” approach to things. They will get just enough things unpacked so that the house is technically liveable, but they leave boxes unpacked and filled with plenty of other things for long periods of time. A lot of the time this comes down to the fact that moving house is pretty exhausting and you don’t want to spend all of your time dealing with unpacking. However having boxes around often makes things feel very unsteady. How can a house feel like a home when you literally look like you’ve just moved in. If you don’t currently have the time to clear all of the boxes but don’t want them cluttering up your new home, there are self storage facilities available and you can even use your garage or attic if you have them. You really will be amazed at what an impact it can have when you get past that “just moved in” look that so many homes have for far too long.

Make it personal

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The wonderful thing about a home is the way in which you’re able to make it entirely your own. It might be structurally the same as your neighbor’s homes, but there’s no way it could ever be a home to anyone but you and your family. Start making your home as personal as possible straight away. Fill it with things that represent you and your family. Pictures, mementos, and other memories. Not only that but you should get started making new memories as soon as possible. Have people to visit, throw a housewarming party. Take as many photos as you possibly can and fill up a “moving-in” photo album with them. Things like this not only allow you to have more aspects of your own personality in your new home, but they also help make things feel much more normal than they otherwise might when you’ve just moved into somewhere new.


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