Four Tasteful Must-Have Accessories That Will Blend Seamlessly Into The Work Day

Must-Have Accessories watch

Acquiring accessories is a creative ownership process, choosing pieces for work allows opportunities to flex the brain muscle- similar to shopping for school or camping, choosing appropriate accessories have a targeted purpose- to enhance and compliment the visual work day experience. These four items will all see daily use from the busy career woman and have been strategically selected to be career appropriate and courtroom ready.

Quality Briefcase or Simply Designed Purse

If paperwork is part of the day, invest in a well-made briefcase or purse design that can accommodate daily use and compliments the work environment. Durability, as well as neutrality of shades and design, are preferred. Shades of black, brown or neutral (beige/tan/taupe) are suitable because they compliment a wide array of outfits. Whichever is held as the day starts, whether briefcase or purse- it’s the first thing co-workers will see upon entrance into the building.

Tasteful Watch

The ultimate timepiece conveys responsibility, awareness, and punctuality. A tasteful or luxury watch, like a briefcase or a handbag, should be viewed as an investment, not a frivolous purchase. It is important to ensure that the watch is refined and does not detract from the overall target image of a polished career woman. Consider classic and traditional styles when selecting a career appropriate timepiece, refrain from selecting anything that is currently trending, sophistication will last forever. Avoid anything gaudy, flashy or neon-bright.

Laptop Case

If a laptop is carried to work, protecting the surface could be a potential opportunity to help convey a more professional image- especially if currently covered in Hello Kitty stickers. Select a case that shows character and ambition. Let’s say that rainbows are everywhere all over the home- for the work laptop, instead of a bright multi-colored rainbow graphic- maybe a solid color print with embossed rainbow etching giving subtle texture and detail. A laptop case selection has slightly more flexibility than a watch or briefcase, as long as the laptop is safe, working and presentable, the mission has been accomplished. Above all, ensure the durability and performance of the case- waterproof is a helpful feature along with an impact resistant fabric textile lining.

Cell Phone Case

The phone is going to get a workout during the workday, initiating a PayPal withdrawal and checking Tinder require occasional peeks at the screen. Imagine walking down the hall with the Vice President of Marketing and for some reason, a text has to be answered mid-stride, pulling out the adorable pink phone case topped with furry tan 3D monkey ears might not be the type of attention desired. Still, have fun with the selection process- select a work-appropriate design and color when possible. Expression through cell phone case is encouraged, as long as tastefulness is a priority. This is an item that colleagues will potentially see…and it will leave an impression.


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