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Clothes are gorgeous and expressive, but there’s one major downside to them: they get pretty costly if you’re passionate about what you wear! If you’ve got a closet that’s full to bursting, but your wallet is feeling a little thin, you may be wondering if there’s any way you can penny-pinch while still owning all the beautiful pieces you want. Good news: there is! Here, we’ll go through some of the easiest and most effective tricks you can use to make clothes shopping more affordable. Make just a few of these a habit, and you’ll have more money to make yourself look great, and more to play with as well!

Go Generic with the Basics

When you’re buying tank tops, plain tees, and other layering pieces that you tend to wear under other things, don’t waste your money by shelling out for a big brand name. No one’s going to see it, and more importantly, it’s not all that likely to last long. Most of the point of an undershirt is keeping the sweat off a nice button-down after all! The next time you need layers, look for labels like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, and save your money for the things that you can actually show off.

Buy Out of Season

Yes, it’s much more exciting to buy your clothes pre-season than at any other time. When it’s chilly and blustery outside, getting a pretty new sundress can make you feel like summer’s just a few days away! However, if you’re always buying to prepare for the season that’s just around the corner, you’ll be tying yourself to the maximum retail price. On the other hand, if you make a point of shopping for what’s not happening, you’ll always get a better price. It takes some of the fun out of shopping when you know you won’t be wearing the clothes any time soon, but when you do get to wear those new threads, it will be so much more satisfying to know how much you saved.

Start Using Coupon Sites

These days, there are sites and apps for everything, and it’s hardly surprising that a lot of these are dedicated to clothes coupons. Checkout these Younkers Coupons for just one great example of how much you can save at the department stores you love. Many apps come with features that allow you to list your favorite stores, and set up alerts that will tell you when special offers and sales come up. have a little browse, find your favorite platform, and you’ll make it easier than ever for yourself to take advantage of various price-slashing schemes run by big names.

Take It Easy on Trends

Fashion trends all have their moments, whether it’s oxford-style lace-ups or ikat-print on any kind of clothes you can imagine. If you buy into these trends though, and the flare of popularity dies out, you’ll just be left with clothes that you don’t really want or need. It will spend years sitting in your closet, and tell any friends who happen to get a look in that you’re still holding onto items from 2014! Sure, a lot of retailers will stock up on super-trendy items and slap a low price tag on it to get you to buy it. However, if you’re always buying clothes to keep up with the latest fashion, and then not getting that much use out of those items, are they really that cost-effective? Avoid being a slave of trends, and only buy “in” items that you genuinely like, and fit your personal style.

Get Flexible with Accessories

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You can easily make your existing wardrobe so much more exciting and versatile by getting some affordable accessories. Consider necklaces, bracelets, scarves and belts that will mesh well with the outfits you already own. If your options for work have to stick to the business and casual categories, a few accessories can feel especially fun and exciting. With the right combination of different accessories, you’ll be able to turn one aging outfit into something completely different! No matter your tastes, buying more affordable accessories is a fantastic way to spend far less on a totally new outfit.

Overcome your Fear of DIY

No, that’s not suggesting that you quit buying clothes altogether and start making your own. Despite what Pinterest would have you believe, this is extremely hard and uneconomical. Instead, learn some of the basics of sewing, and use this skill to shave some money off of what you’d usually spend on clothes. Hand-sewing buttons onto clothes is one of the easiest bits of clothing DIY you can do, and will allow you to replace popped buttons rather than having to go out and buy a new shirt. If you’re bored of a certain cardigan, you can breathe new life into it by replacing all the buttons. If you have access to a sewing machine, you can learn to make a simple hem in the space of an afternoon. The next time you walk some gorgeous pants through a muddy puddle, you can hem them into a gorgeous pair of shorts, rather than buying a replacement pair.

Only Buy What You Can Pay For

It sounds obvious, but in today’s buying culture, this point seems to go over a lot of people’s heads. If you can’t comfortably afford it, no matter how gorgeous it is, you’re going to have to give it a miss. One good way of putting yourself on a fashion spending diet is making a commitment to buy with cash only. This way, you can take out the amount you want, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.  This will save you from reaching for the plastic every time you come to the checkout, racking up debt and ruining your credit just to look good! If and when you do use a credit card, make absolutely sure that you can pay off the entire balance when it’s due. If you wind up paying interest on your clothes, you’ll ultimately be able to afford far less of them!


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