The Pros and Cons of the World’s Favorite Beverage

The Pros and Cons of the World’s Favorite Beverage
The Pros and Cons of the World’s Favorite Beverage

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Do I need to go on a rant about how amazing and delicious coffee is? Probably not. But when it comes to the world’s favorite beverage, it’s definitely worth looking at some of the negatives along with the positives…

Coffee can help you concentrate…

As anyone who has drunk the stuff knows all too well, coffee is a pretty powerful stimulant. A cup of the stuff in the morning can give you that caffeine rush that you need to face the morning commute. It can help you stay focused on your work tasks. It can help you lock into whatever task you need completing.


…but it can also do the opposite

The problem with stimulants is that it’s always easier than you think to take too much. If you drink too much coffee, then your brain can go into a bit of an overload, exacerbating feelings of anxiety and making you feel a lot less focused. Your attention will start to wander quickly as your brain starts thinking of several worries and subjects that aren’t related to your task.

Coffee contains antioxidants…

People talk often about all the antioxidants that tea has, but they often neglect to mention the fact that coffee is also loaded with them. In fact, one of the most important types of antioxidants is polyphenols, and a cup of coffee can contain up to four times more polyphenols that that supposed king of antioxidants, green tea. Some researchers also say that coffee contain more antioxidants than your average serving of grapes, blueberries, and raspberries.

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…but it can also play havoc with your teeth

It’s worth pointing out that polyphenols are really good for your teeth. They help defeat the bacteria that leads to polyphenols. That being said, there’s no denying that too much coffee can be pretty bad for your teeth. There’s the staining to consider, of course. This can be countered by drinking water after your dose. But coffee is acidic, so drinking too much can erode your teeth, even if you’re drinking it without sugar. Consider some stronger protection of your teeth! Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance can help with cleaning and fixing.


Coffee improves performance…

Coffee helps a lot when it comes to cognitive performance, and also helps enhance your memory. But coffee is also used strategically by pro athletes, due to the warming boost it can give to their exercise. It’s also great for helping them recover energy after a hard workout. In fact, caffeine can be so potent at improving physical performance that the Olympics will disqualify athletes who have a certain amount of caffeine in their system.

…but it can exacerbate heart problems
If you have problems with blood flow, pressure, or cholesterol, then you’re going to want to be careful with your coffee intake. Many with these problems may rely on coffee to help keep them alert when their health issues make them feel weak or drowsy. While small amounts of coffee are known to help prevent heart problems, too much can easily – and dangerously – exacerbate the problems that people are already experiencing.



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