Summer Sporting Events – How to make Yours a Roaring Success

Sporting Events man waiting to sprint

With the summer sporting season upon us, there will be sporting events of all kinds happening across the length and breadth of the country.

Your audience are there to watch a great sporting event but there is a lot to think about, from ticketing to portable toilet hire in London, first aid tents and more.

1 Is It an Outdoor Event?

Some sporting events are traditionally held outdoors but it still pays to ask yourself the question if the great outdoors is the right place for your event. If it’s a football tournament for juniors, an indoor area might make it a more comfortable setting for players, parents and fans alike.

Whether your event is outdoors or not, you have several things you need to consider.

2 Suitable Venue

Clearly, the type of sport being played will dictate the style of the venue that you need, from hockey pitch to tennis courts, and everything in between.

However, it is not just the playing of the sporting event you need to consider:

  • car parking availability
  • changing rooms and other areas for teams and players to prepare
  • refreshments
  • local considerations
  • first aid arrangements

There may also be case in which you need a licence or permit to operate your summer sporting event and it goes without saying that public liability insurance is a must.

3 The Weather

We cannot possibly talk about any kind of event, indoor or outdoor, without making some reference to the great British weather. It’s a running joke that our summer can be notoriously difficult to forecast. What should be a glorious sunny day in July, ends up looking like a winter day in December.

It pays to have a back-up plan and have a point at which you must cancel or postpone your event. Being prepared is a sure-fire way of ensuring the success of your summer sporting event – or any event for that matter.

4 Refreshments and Catering

For an event lasting more than a few hours, it is essential that you supply suitable refreshments and catering for your players, guests and audience. In most cases, this means engaging a series of outdoor food vendors. Sporting events tend to have a good patronage and that means having plenty of choice for people. Select a range of local vendors who can provide your audience with everything from hot dogs to burgers, salads, sandwiches and more.

Check that food vendors hold appropriate food hygiene certificates as well as a hygiene rating. You will also want to be confident that they have public liability insurance too.

If you intend serving alcohol, you will need to ensure that the event has the appropriate licence. Serving alcohol brings a different level of responsibility and organisation so if it is not necessary, you don’t have to go down this road.

5 Take Care of the Basic Comforts

Often complained about, toilet facilities can be a real issue at summer sporting events. There are two main issues;

  • poor toilet facilities
  • not enough toilet facilities

Hiring chemical toilets is essential, especially when refreshments and food is being offered. However, when looking at portable toilet hire in London and beyond, check that quality of the toilet is of a high standard.

Consider your clientele too – will you need parent/children changing facilities, for example? And it goes without saying that you should also have accessible disable toilets too – and plenty of them.

And finally…

Close by the toilet facilities, have an organisation tent or area where people can go to ask for help etc. when they need it. There’s always going to be a problem or two, but having a dedicated team in an easily accessible place to help will make the whole thing a lot less troublesome.


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