Quick Hacks To Brighten Up Your Cramped Living Space

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A lot of modern homes are built to look good, rather than for the more practical function of actually living in them! Some homes are now lacking in the essentials, from daylight to space, it can be frustrating to spend your time at home, especially if you have a large family, or you just don’t have any option to move anywhere else. There are some simple hacks to make your home that bit more livable, and here they are.

Use Mirrors

The main issue with creating space is that you need to get rid of your bulkier items. Creating the illusion of space is the next best step, and mirrors really help with this. If you have a mirror at the end of a thin hallway, it makes the hallway appear much longer than it is. Using mirrors on opposing walls helps to reflect light back into the room, and if you have shinier surfaces like brass or silver photo frames dotted around it increases the amount of light in a darkened space. If you don’t have many windows in your home, this is a wonderfully cheap way to make your house a lot lighter.

Create The Feeling Of Comfort

For small spaces, feeling comfortable can be a difficult task to achieve. And if you have limited space to move, you need to find small ways to either create space or to embrace the lack of space and make it cozy. Make the most of a carpet repair company to trim up the edges, or to lay down new flooring to make the most of an area that is hardly used. When cost is a major issue in fixing up your property, the little changes will help to reduce that feeling of frustration.

Bring More Oxygen Into The Home

A lot of homes are built for the more environmentally friendly conscious, which means that they are layered with insulation, and it can make your home feel really stuffy. Although it helps to cut down on your heating bill, there is a lack of fresh air circulating in your house. A very simple way to make your home that bit fresher is to open the windows! Getting some plants and flowers placed around the home will not only give your property a breath of fresh air, but your house will also look prettier as a result.


If your home is frustrating you to the extent where you aren’t able to move around, then have you taken a good look around you? Is there a lot lying around? Do you keep on top of the cleaning and tidying? Doing a simple de-cluttering can really improve the quality of your space. If you just have too much stuff, then try and store vertically. High bookshelves, storing items above kitchen cupboards, anything to help you create more space will help you out. Living in a small space, or a space with too many items can benefit from decluttering or just by being creative with your living area will make it a much more livable home.


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