Essential Oils: Opinions and Thoughts on Effectiveness

Essential Oils lavender and oil jar

I have had several readers ask me in the past few weeks if I would answer their questions in regards to essential oils and the effectiveness of using them.

While I have had my opinions in the past and do have a family that is adamant about using essential oils in their daily routines, I think there is some excellent uses for them and ways to maximize both their effectiveness and the level of enjoyment one can receive from utilizing them into their daily routine. In this case, the brand I can personally recommend is Organic Aromas because of their attention to detail and quality. Organic Aromas has managed to create disseminating products for essential oils that do not require heat or water. Their full product line is developed to higher standards of quality and integrity than the market typically presents and I have full confidence in their capabilities to produce the finest products available.

Here are the ways essential oils can be used in the home and my take on each way:

  1. Air freshening: there are antimicrobial effects of essential oils such as cinnamon that can be diffused in the air through the usage of an Essential Oil Diffuser. I believe this to be a safe and refreshing way to use the oil.
  2. Cleaning: tea tree oil and also lemon oil can be diluted with water and then used to spray on and clean off countertops. While it is not antibiotic in nature, these oils are effective and natural ways to clean dirty surfaces in the home.
  3. Bug spray: a couple drops of eucalyptus oil, citronella oil (hence, the citronella candle), coconut oil, and lemongrass oil can be combined and applied to the skin. This does work quite effectively in repelling pesky mosquitos. I recommend trying it out!
  4. Sunscreen: lavender, helichrysum, shea butter, coconut oil, and zinc oxide can be used and combined in a bottle for a homemade sunscreen. While many swear up and down about the effectiveness of this remedy, I would prefer to buy my sunscreen from a reputable store brand! It is your skin, but I am not willing to take chances with this one.
  5. Produce washing: a couple drops of lemon oil can be diluted with water to naturally clean fruits and vegetables without damaging the food whilst also providing a more cleanly eating experience than water can alone. I highly recommend trying this one out!
  6. Air detoxification: it is claimed that the Essential Oils peppermint and eucalyptus oil can be added to paint to help rid the air of harmful and smelly fumes. While the fumes’ scent may be gone, I am not sold on this truly detoxifying the air.

I hope those techniques and applications for essential oil lockets are helpful for your selection next time you are approached by one of those network marketing ladies claiming to have a “heal-all” solution to all of your problems!

While there are many awesome uses for the oils and there is solid scientific research on some of the oils, not ALL of the oils have been backed by double-blind studies to really prove any type of effectiveness.

What I am getting at is: do your research and do it some more: especially before substituting an essential oil blend for a more medical or scientifically proven method (sunscreen for example).

Also, find a reputable source for your oils and get a quality diffuser prior to any type of use to make sure the purity of your brand is up to par for the usage. Again, my suggestion is Organic Aromas for your oils and your disseminator needs. Give them a try and it will be likely that you find an essential oils and diffuser for life!

Have more ideas and opinions on how to use essential oils? Leave your comments and thoughts below and I will be happy to get back to you right away! 🙂


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