Overhauling Your Wardrobe With A Few New Accessories

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Come on girls, we have all been there, staring at our jam-packed wardrobe yet unable to find anything we want to wear. There is nothing that suits us and nothing that makes us get excited. We’ve all had that moment where we decide we want to have a complete fashion overhaul and change our style. But rather than go and spend a small fortune on new clothes and then panic about your finances two weeks before the end of the month, it could just be a matter of accessorizing differently.

The right accessories can completely and absolutely transform an outfit. A pair of baggy jeans and a t-shirt can suddenly become a gorgeous party outfit, a plain Jane dress can be transformed into a head-turning ensemble.

The trick is knowing what accessories go with what, and then matching it to the occasion.

Your Casual Day Wear

Too many people are scared of accessorizing in the day because, well, they think it is over the top. But who cares if it is? Accessorizing your casual wear is one of the best ways to completely transform your look and bring a little pizzazz back to your wardrobe. It could be a simple back and belt coordination that does the trick. It could be that you go down the minimal jewelry route to make the white tee pop, pairing your benchmark wedding band with an eye-catching silver pendant is a sure-fire way to add an extra edge to your whole look. Simple and understated is a huge trend at the moment, trust us.

Your Little Lunches

Casual day wear sort of alludes to those days whereby you have nothing planned. You’ve just got dressed because it is sort of required, but you’re not doing anything special, just doing the grocery shopping or walking through town aimlessly. A lunch date is a step up from this. It is a planned occasion, but one that shouldn’t be overdone in terms of fashion. Your choice of jewelry is going to come in handy here. In short, you can be a little more dramatic. Match your ears, neck, and wrists, by which we mean bringing out that set of matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Your shoes are going to be important too. Sneakers are too casual, but stiletto heels are going to be too much. You just want something that is going to add a bit of a polished finish.

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Your Dinner Do’s

There is a staple diet when it comes to a dinner party or an evening event and that is the little black dress. But these can be so boring, which is why it is so important you accessorize them with bold statement pieces. You know other people are going to be wearing LBDs too, so what you need to do is make your look completely different, make it unique, something that is completely different to the other guests. As a golden rule, pick three accessories that will really make a statement. What we recommend is one bold piece of jewelry, a pair of dazzling shoes and a power-piece bag. The trick is to find something that links them all, be it color, shade or theme. For example, pair a silver shoe with a matching set of bangles and a clutch bag. That is a definite way to stand out while staying subtle.


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