Making The Perfect Indoor-Outdoors

Making The Perfect Indoor-Outdoors

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The natural world provides most people with a sense of calm that is seldom found in normal life. Being in touch with nature can make life a lot less stressful. And, it can give you a place to reflect upon life. It’s a shame, then, that more and more people are having less access to all

things green. Instead, they are confined to cities that are mostly made of brick instead of plantlife. With the right work, it’s possible to build yourself the next best thing to the great outdoors; your own slice of the outside world within your home. You just need a spare room, garage, or shed. To help you out, this post will be going through the ways you can change a room to make it feel like you’re far from home.

  • The Walls And Floors

To start, you have to think about the core elements of the room you’ve chosen. The floor in your room will make a big difference to the feel of the room. And, making it feel like you’re outdoors could be a challenge. Synthetic grass provides a way to simulate the feeling of grass underfoot. But, having a whole room with this flooring would look a little weird. And, this is where plants come in. This post will heavily feature plants; as you would expect. It’s possible to create an indoor plant bed, which won’t be a pain to remove in the future. You just need to read the right guys. There are loads of low-maintenance plants out there that can make a room look like it’s in the heart of a forest. Along with this, you can also consider having some smooth gravel or another stone flooring. The stones just have to look natural.

Next, you need to think about the walls. The colour that you choose for the walls will make a big difference. A lot of people go for a solid green approach, to simulate plants. But, this will make a room far too dark. And, you might find that it looks like a zoo enclosure. Instead, it’s best to go for a neutral colour. A very light blue can be good; as long as it’s nearly white or cream. Your walls are a great place to have some plants, too. There are loads of plants out there that use other plants for support. Usually, these are called runners. And, they can be made to follow a path when given the right conditions. Building a support for plants like this will usually make them follow it. So, after a matter of months, all of the walls could be covered with plants.

Indoor-Outdoors hammock

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  • Furnishings

Loads of people choose to have regular outdoor furniture in rooms like this. Unfortunately, although this seems like a good idea; it will usually look strange. If you want to go for furniture like this, it’s best to go for simple options which are made from wood. A bench can look good, in the right space. And, a picnic bench could give your room a unique feel. You should always avoid metal or plastic furniture in a room like this. The idea of this space is to feel natural; and, humanmade options will ruin this feel. Finding furniture like this will usually involve doing some research. There are loads of companies out there that sell locally-sourced garden furniture. And, you’ll certainly be able to find one near you.

Of course, there are other options that can be great in a room like this. A lot of people decide to go for hammocks in their natural rooms. This gives you a chance to have a place to fully relax; while also maintaining an authentic outdoor-feel. These options are incredibly cheap. And, they enable you to add a splash of colour to the room without it feeling bad. Along with hammocks, furniture made from raw materials can also work. Tree stumps can be treated to be used as furniture. And, they look great in a room like this. One of the biggest keys to success with something like this is the creative flair you incorporate. You will have ideas that no one else has considered. And, these can be used to make the room much better.

  • Features

Everyone has heard the sound before; the trickling of water from a nearby stream. The calm and peace that this noise inspires are great. And, most people don’t to hear it enough. Thankfully, it’s easy to capture this sound. Along with this, you can also capture the sight and smells of a river, too. It can all be done with a simple fountain. These items don’t require much power. And, they will look great in most natural rooms. Finding the best option for you when it comes to a fountain will be hard. Your local garden store should have some outdoor options. But, these might not work so well inside. So, you’ll have to do some research to find natural fountains that are designed for use inside.

This next area is a big one; lighting. There are loads of ways to make a room feel natural when it comes to lighting. And, a lot of people will find themselves taking advantage of more than one option. For those nights of relaxation, you can look into options like night sky projectors. These small items project an image of a night sky on the ceiling; providing a small amount of light and heaps of ambience. Of course, you’ll probably want some lights to help you see, too. But, these have to look natural. One of the best options available at the moment is Himalayan salt lamps. These items have become very popular. And, they’re an easy way to make a room feel like it’s light is coming from the sky.
Indoor-Outdoors fish in pond

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  • Animals

The natural world is just fine with flora; but, it isn’t quite complete without some fauna, too. So, you may want to consider having some sort of animal in your natural room. The best options for this are fish, insects, and reptiles. These sorts of pets only need a small tank to survive, with minimal attention required. So, they won’t take up a huge amount of time. Along with this, their tanks can be decorated to look as natural as possible, without impacting the creatures themselves. There are loads of places that sell simple fish tanks and vivariums. With some DIY work, these products can be made into something that looks a lot more fitting. Having some life in your room will make it feel much more connected to nature. Check out the best betta fish tank here.

This next option is one that would take more work. Birds can make a great addition to any room. The noises they produce and the company they can give you can have a huge positive impact. But, you have to be prepared to look after them. All birds are intelligent. And, this means that they need entertainment. Along with this, most birds will also feel frustrated; if they can’t fly. So, you have to make sure that they will be able to be free in your natural room. Confining an animal like this to a cage will make it very unhappy. Birds are often expensive, too. So, this option is only for those that are willing and passionate enough to put the time in.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working on your own indoor-outdoors. A lot of people don’t consider this sort of change. But, it can have a really big impact on your life. You will notice your stress levels go down; the more time you spend in a room like this. And, you will never feel like you have nothing to do, with somewhere like this to spend your time.


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