Why Your Feature Wall Isn’t Working

Why Your Feature Wall Isn't Working

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It’s the focal point of your room. The backdrop to an inviting living space. The low cost, but high impact design that finishes off a great looking place to be. But for some reason, it’s just not working for you. Let’s see where you might have gone wrong, and what you can do to turn that calamity into a canvass.

Firstly, are you sure you’ve chosen the right wall? Location is super important. Where is it? If you’ve selected your space at random to be your chosen splash of character then chances are it’s wrong.

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So where should it be? Think about what you want to achieve with your feature wall. Your eyes should be drawn to one spot naturally. If it’s the living room, behind the television or the mantle is a good start. If the bedroom, the rear of your headboard. If you’ve gone for an adjoining wall because you’re scared to commit to the idea, then don’t be surprised when it turns out wrong.

Next, think about colour schemes. What have you gone for? Although designed to stand out, there should still be a pleasing uniformity about the stark tonal contrast a feature wall provides. Don’t choose something loud and ungainly because you’ve convinced yourself that’s how it works. The colour should be complimentary, not contrary. If you’re still unsure, why not hire interior designers? All your aesthetic concerns handed over to the professionals. Providing a sharp sense of style and space, feature walls are their bread and butter.

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Think about why you want a feature wall in the first place. Are you simply putting off that bold reinvention of your living space and too scared to commit? If it’s nothing but a design compromise, you’ll never feel satisfied in your living space. That’s why you’re not happy with your feature wall! Also, check out this wall art for more ideas

Have a good look at the room you’ve decided to have a feature wall. Is it simply too busy to incorporate an added splash of colour? If you’re sat about a cluttered environment, there’s no way adding in yet more visual noise is going to help the situation. In fact, it’s doing the exact opposite! The answer? De-clutter before you get out the wallpapers rolls!

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Have you used paint? Is it simply not up to the job? Just because it’s only one wall, there’s no need to skimp on the brand. In fact, because you’ll likely only be buying one pot, you can afford to push the boat out a bit! Even a standard, solid brand can offer so much more than a thin tin of your economy brand. Invest in a strong, thick coat that won’t run or crack mere weeks after application.

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Have you used wallpaper? Is there something about it that’s just not quite right? Don’t get hung up on hanging rolls. Take your time over it, and iron out any creases before committing to its place on the wall. Those few bubbles, overlaps, and minor tears will lessen the impact of a seriously fine feature wall. Better still, get a professional in. It’s false economy to need to start again.

So, location, colour, space, and finish are all essential to a pleasing room-crowning feature wall that really stands out in your living space. Go for it!


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