Amazing tips for puppy potty training

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Potty training is one of the crucial things you have to teach your dog.

Although you can afford to have a stubborn dog that sometimes ignores you, it is necessary to have a dog that will always listen to your when it comes to relieving. This especially goes for bigger species of dogs as you do not wish to clean after such a big animal.

But, there is another side to potty training, according to

It is a crucial bonding ritual. It strengthens the connections between you two teaching the puppy that is can always rely on you. This is precisely why the first steps need to be done properly.

Here are some tips that will help you train a puppy.

  • It’s all about good habits and a soft touch

Puppies are like kids. They absorb everything from their surrounding and some negative things may leave a long-lasting trauma. This is why everything (including potty training) needs to be done slowly, with patience and love.

There are a lot of those who would suggest disciplining a dog and teaching him through treat and punishment. Although treats are a great incentive, punishment of any kind can traumatize the animal affecting your relationship with it.

Potty training is a daily activity that needs to create a habit in a dog. You, as an adult, need to lead the way and set up the ground for its development.

  • Main things to consider

Ok, so how do you create this habit and what are the main things you have to know?

  1. Puppy needs to go out first thing in the morning. Do not play with it and try not to get it excited. Otherwise, it won’t be able to hold it inside.
  2. Similarly, dog will have to pee or poo after midday rest.
  3. Puppies have the urge to relieve themselves after a meal. Make sure to go out 20, 30 minutes after a meal. Depending on dog’s organism, this might be a little later, let’s say after 40 to 60 minutes.
  4. Puppies also get excited after playing. During this time, they will have a strong urge to urinate or poo.
  5. Lastly, same as humans, dogs should relieve themselves before the evening nap. Even if the dog doesn’t feel like it, give it some time.
  6. Make sure to create good habits: take the dog to same surface at the same time of the day.

Potty training for puppies is closely related to dietary habits. If the dog is eating at the same time and similar portions, it will be much easier to predict its behavior.

  • How to identify the need

Sometimes, your puppy will have to go out and relieve itself even if you haven’t predicted it. You will have to recognize some signs and act accordingly.

For example, dogs get restless when they need to poo or pee. They will start scratching the door or squirming. It might even start barking. Another good tell is if the dog starts trampling the ground. They often do this with grass as a way to remove it. This means that puppy needs to go urgently.

  • Patience is the key

No matter how hard you try, accidents will happen. Dog may relieve itself on your carpet despite its best efforts not to do so. If that happens, you shouldn’t punish it. This will only create a void between two of you and may even lead to a phobia.

Instead of that, focus on giving treats when it does a proper job. This will be a much better, healthier incentive.


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