The Choices You Would Get In Hot Water Systems

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As you are planning to buy a hot water system for your new home, or buy an alternative to the old worn out system, you may do a comprehensive research of the several hot water systems available before you. The many differences amongst the different water heating systems will tell you how one uses more power while another does not, and how one takes more time in heating than another, etc.

Electric Water Heating

An electric water heater may come with a huge tank or just a small tank size for instant water heating. If you need hot water supplies through the day, you will have to install a large one with a 125 to 160 liters tank capacity.  Some heaters come ever bigger with up 315 liters capacity for off peak usage.

The high side of these heaters is that they heat water really fast compared to other models. The downside is that they consume very high power, and hence your power bills will always spike up for the consumption of loads of power by these water heaters.

These are sufficient for a family of 4 to 5, and can be installed pretty easily.

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Gas Water Heating

If you have the supplies of natural gas to the home, then you may install a natural gas operated water heater too. It operates just like the electric water heater, but uses gas instead of electricity. These heaters are almost equally the same price as the electric water heaters.

Most gas water heaters come with an energy efficiency rating, and some has an indicator pilot light too. A capacity of 135 to 170 liters is good enough for a household of 4 persons.

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Solar Water Heating

Many sensible people wishing to reduce consumption of non-renewable energy are inclining towards the use of solar water heaters. Solar water heaters are a good choice if you are getting enough sunlight to soak 2 solar panels each 2 square meters in size. This will suffice with lots of hot water like some 300 liters for a household of 4.

In case you are not getting adequate amount of sunlight, you may need more panels to generate the power. These water heaters generally have a bigger storage to accommodate excess hot water, in case you get a day of poor sunlight after a normal sunny day. There is also alternative gas or electrical heating facilities in them to work when there is no sunshine for days in a row.

A solar water heater is more expensive than other heaters, and also installing it is a time consuming affair. But once installed it pays off for its existence through years by not giving you any spiked power bills as well as significantly lowering your dependence on power supply companies.

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Heat Pump Water Heaters

These heaters work in the same principle and have the same model as air conditioners and refrigerators. The warmth of the outer air is taken to raise the water temperature. For this reason, and for the noise it produces while running, these heaters are installed outside the house and yet away from the neighbor’s walls and windows.

They cost fairly high, but not as high as the solar ones. And since they work on power, your electricity bills will be high for the usage.  While installing one you will have to make sure there is enough air circulating around these heaters.

Concluding Notes

Now that you know about your options, you simply need to check out which one is available at a fair price, warranty, promise of future maintenance and services, and installation before you finally buy one.


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