Why Is Timber & Oak Flooring Considered an Elegant Choice?

hardwood oak flooring with good lighting

Manufactured from timber, solid wood flooring is just designed to be used as a floor for aesthetic and structural reasons. Wooden material can be procured in various colors, styles and species. Timbers floors, also known as hardwood floor, is milled from the planks of timber.

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  • They are used extensively for structural reasons.
  • Depending on the kind of look you want, the timber material may be cut in three distinct ways, namely, the rift-sawn, quarter sawn and the flat-sawn. Oak floor is indeed the popular kind of wooden and hardwood floor. Timber & Oak flooring is the perfect way to improve the appeal and elegance of the home.
  • If you are looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your home, you should go for oak floors. Within the realm of hardwood floors, oak occupies a much prominent place. You get variety of choices in oak material like the engineered oak, brown oak or the tradition oak. No matter what kind of oak material you choose for your home, they will certainly add warmth to your interiors and give a unique finish to the home.

The Chief Benefits of Timber Floor

Timber flooring offers several benefits. It adds up to the aesthetic value of the home. The timber material can give your home a kind of rustic appeal. The choice of color relies on the kind of look you want to attain. The installation and maintenance of the timber flooring does not require much labor and you can actually get a better resale value for your house, when you install the wooden or timber flooring for your home. The material also offers a lot of comfort much unlike the marble material. When it comes to maintenance, timbers floors will cost you more.

Is It Complicated to Install Timber Floor?

You can opt for professional assistance to install timber and hardwood flooring. Since exact placing of the timber planks is necessary, you need to take precaution about the installation and the drying of the floor.  The floor will last for ages in case you use high quality timber planks for flooring purposes. He will use the right kind of equipments to fix up the boards. Among the kind of timber material, oak is preferred the most. Oak fabulously fits the neighborhood and the culture. In fact, to save on the maintenance costs, you may go for engineered wood. The installation of engineered timber is easy.
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Oak Floors Are Available in Varieties

Oak floor is available in different varieties and grades. When you try to choose a kind of floor, whether American or European oak, you will come across a plethora of floor grades like character, classic, rustic, prime, county, etc. Between the grades of timber, there is a distinction in the timber grain pattern. The knots and figures vary. The price of the oak floors differs as per the grade, the taste and the look. Oak is generally a hardwood component, and it is quite costly also. However, when it comes to durability you can surely install the oak wood floorings in your home.

The task of cleaning and maintaining the oak floor is not that difficult if it is installed properly. You just need to use a floor detergent to clean the grime and the dirt. Liquid wax cleaner may also be used. Hardwood floors have been used since decades to add color, value and depth to the floors. The floor is honored for centuries owing to the natural tone, the durability and its immense harmonizing beauty. The appeal of timber and oak flooring is so beautiful that when you walk on them, you get the feeling of staying connected with nature.


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