Upgrade Your Home: The Benefits For Now and The Future

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Getting a foot on the property ladder really is one of the best things you can do in your adult life. You give yourself security, you stop wasting money on rent each month and over time your investment will grow. Any time you spend money on your property you get to enjoy the benefits in the here and now, and if you come to sell later down the line you will find your home is worth more too. Here are some upgrades you could consider.

Converting or Extending

Bigger houses with more space and bedrooms will attract a higher price on the market. So creating an extra room in your property is a good way to go. You could convert the attic or basement. You could extend outwards, or even rejig the layout by moving walls. This could allow you to turn a large bedroom into two smaller ones if it makes sense to do so. Adding an orangery or greenhouse could give you an extra dining or living space downstairs and can be cheaper and quicker to build than a traditional brick extension so something to consider.

Good Air Conditioning and Central Heating Systems

Keeping the home warm in winter and cool in summer is essential- there is nothing quite as uncomfortable as being the wrong temperature! Companies such as Farnen & Dermer can install affordable air conditioning systems. You could consider having your radiators replaced by more efficient models too.

Eco- Friendly Features

Cavity wall and loft insulation, energy efficient windows and solar panels are all value boosting upgrades. We all know the importance of doing our bit for the environment and reducing our carbon footprint, and homebuyers will favour houses with these kinds of things already installed. Plus it helps to keep your bills down which is no bad thing. Windows and doors are another big upgrade and are worth the investment in their own right due to aesthetic and home security reasons. But as a bonus, good models (particularly triple glazing) will also be more energy efficient too.

A Beautiful Bathroom and Kitchen

Your bathroom and kitchen are two rooms which buyers will be particularly interested in when viewing your home. Upgrading them to a good standard will be highly practical for you and add a huge amount of value to your home. Choose counters, tops and tiles which are classic and neutral. If you do sell later down the line, they will appeal to the most buyers and won’t fall out of fashion when trends change. White units and tiles, black granite or marble counters and black shale floor tiles for example will look fantastic year after year. Go with something that’s very on trend now and you might be left with an old fashioned looking space in a few years- not to mention a kitchen and bathroom which doesn’t appeal to many buyers.

What renovations and upgrades do you have planned for your property this year? Are any of these on the list?


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