How To Get Rid Of Rats In Attic Without Poisoning Them

rats in the dark attic

Rats in roof and attics is a very common problem. These rodents in addition to being a health hazard can chew on your wires. They also make uncomfortable noises as they scratch and run around. When they get into your home, they will breed rapidly and so you will have to deal with dozens of them all over the attic and in various other places in your house. So, you must act quickly the moment you see or suspect that they may have found their way in to your home.

Why poisoning is not good:

Rats In Attic without being deadPoisoning is a way in which you can kill the rats, but they may die in hidden places and you may have to deal with pungent smell all over your house. Also, after taking the poison, the discomfort that follows thereafter makes the rat to run for its dear life and it may end up losing its consciousness and dying in your wardrobe of it gets there, in your freezer, oven, on your clothes, on your bed, or some other place.

Thus, poisoning is the quickest and actually an effective way of how to get rid of rats in attic but is not very safe. In rare cases, some rats may survive the poisoning (if they consume very little portion of the poison or if the poison is no very effective) and from then onwards, they will not consume it again.

Safer ways:

Prevention of entry:

The best rat control technique is preventing their entry to your home. Loose siding, ground vents, abandoned chimneys, missing screens, any gap within the building, eave gaps, pipes, vents, etc. All these can serve as avenues of entry of rats to your attic. These areas must be found and permanently sealed with steel or other tough material which rats cannot chew. When you have sealed all entry point, now you can go to the actual rat cleanup in the attic and any other place in your home so as to ensure that no rodent is left alive.


Using snap traps is the best way of getting rid of rats in the attic. Buy many traps and set them in all openings where the rats are likely to pass through as they go out to find food. Once the rats are caught on the trap, you can safely remove and then kill, or release them to the woods if killing them is not your thing.


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