Home Cleaning To Fit Your Need

Home Cleaning To Fit Your Need

Home Cleaning to Fit Your Need

Whether you’re busy or not, you want to maintain the cleanliness of your home. If you have the time, you won’t hesitate to use it to clean your house thoroughly.

Cleaning can be a fulfilling hobby because it exercises your body while giving you the fulfillment of a clean home afterward.

Even if you don’t have enough time to clean, you still don’t want to go home to a messy house. You will still want to do your cleaning task even for a limited time.  

How to Clean Your Home if You Have the Time

  • Turn-On Lively Music

Having background music sets you in a mood to do the cleaning.

  • De-Clutter

Get rid of the belongings scattered everywhere and put them back in place. Also, remove the trash that you can see along the way.

  • Organize the Closet

Strip your closet of the garments that you don’t use anymore. Donate or sell them. Clean the inside of your closet and allow air to come in.

  • Dust

Go from top to bottom, and left to right. Don’t start at the lower part because it will only harbor the dust you remove on the higher areas. Damp clothes are perfect for removing cobwebs.

You might want to use a glass cleaner to clean your window’s glass screen and your mirror. Remove the blinds and clean them if you have any. You can create a mixture of vinegar and olive oil to clean the surface of the wooden area.

Don’t forget to dust picture frames, door knobs, and the like.

  • Vacuum

Make sure that the canister is empty. Use the right kind of vacuum that will do the cleaning in different parts of your home. Use the appropriate settings and attachments. Make your environment and clothing ready for the task to help you enjoy the vacuuming job.

  • Sweep the Floor

Remove the remaining dust and dirt by sweeping the floor. Mop your floor if the dirt doesn’t wear away with water and apply the treatment on your floor, like floor wax.

  • Wax the Furniture

Don’t forget to use some wax to treat to the furniture as well.


  • Clean the Countertops of Your Kitchen

Remove the hardened oil spills and other dirt. Open the cabinet and check the things inside. Eliminate the items that are beyond the expiration date.

  • Clean the Appliances

Clean the insides and the outside part of your appliances, like the refrigerator, oven, and stove.

  • Clean the Dusty Kitchen Utensils

Clean the kitchen utensils that you haven’t used for a long time.

  • Clean the Sink

If your sink is clogged, take the time to fix it since you have the time.


  • De-Clutter

Remove tissues, hair, and other clutters that you can find in the bathroom. Get rid of the rugs and empty the bin.

  • Clean the Tub or the Shower

Remove anything that you can find in the tub or the shower. Splash some hot water in the tub or the shower walls, and apply the cleaner. Allow the cleaner to sit for few minutes, and rinse it afterward.

  • Use an All-Purpose Cleaner to Clean Everything

Apply the all-purpose cleaner and clean the soap rack, the vanity, the sink, the shower track, and the floor. In addition, look into carpet steam cleaning to get every particle out of the rugs and carpet and prepare it be used in a more comfortable manner.

  • Clean the Mirror

Use a glass cleaner to clean the mirror.

  • Dry Everything

Allow everything to dry by wiping them with dry cloth. Replace the rugs with the fresh ones.


  • De-Clutter

Put everything back in place. Remove the toys, trash, clothes, diapers, and the like.

  • Make the Bed

Replace your bedsheet and pillow cases, and straighten them.

How to Clean Your Home in Just an Hour

If you don’t have the time, you can still make your house looks clean in just an hour.


  • De-clutter

Remove everything that you think are misplaced and put them back in place.

  • Dust

You don’t have to start from the ceiling. Just eliminate the cobwebs that you see in sight and, dust the table tops.

  • Make the Bed

Remove the old linens, bed sheet, and pillow cases. Replace them with new ones.

Sweep the floor fast. Vacuuming is optional at this point.


  • De-Clutter

Remove tissues, hair or any trash that you see in sight.

  • Spray an All-Purpose Cleaner

Spray an all-purpose cleaner to the tub, vanity, shower, and sink. Let it sit.

  • Clean the Toilet

While you’re letting the all-purpose cleaner sit for a while, you can clean the toilet with a cleaner or with baking soda. Spray some all-purpose cleaner to a soft cloth and with the outside of the bathroom with it.

  • Clean the Mirror

Wipe the mirror with a glass cleaner.

  • Rinse Everything

Go back to the shower or tub, to the sink, or to anywhere you put the all-purpose clean on, and rinse them. Dry them with a clean cloth.

  • Mop the Floor

Use a dampened mop and clean the floor. Allow it to dry.


  • Start With the Dishes

Clean the dishes if there’s any.

  • Clean the Tops

Remove the clutters. Clean the tables and counter tops with all-purpose cleaner. Clean and loosen up the gunk on your stove top.

  • Sweep and Mop

Sweep the floor, and mop it with dampened cloth.

Living Room

  • De-Clutter

Remove all the trash in sight and put them back to its original place.

  • Dust

Dust the furniture and the table tops. Wipe the glass with a glass cleaner.

  • Sweep

Sweep the floor. Vacuuming is optional.

Whether you are busy or you have a spare time, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t neglect the cleanliness of your home. A home free from dust saves you from allergens that make you and your family sneeze for no reason. Furthermore, cleaning lessens the risk of contact with bacteria.

Author Bio: Anthony is a Home Improvement DIYer, who is interested in different projects of Home Improvement. He blogs at Equipment Area, where he shares tips, guides and reviews of different tools around the house.


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