Top 3 Options in Export and Custom Pallets

Custom Pallets wood stacks

Pallets are the platform devices that are horizontal and used as the base for storage and assembling of goods, transportation of products and materials, as a unit load. Pallets are extremely popular in the realm of material handling, as they offer utmost protection to the items they store or transport. So, if you palletize the goods in the pallet, the bottom deck will prevent from any damage to the goods. Pallets make stacking of items easy without causing any probable danger to the items. They are manufactured by using different sorts of materials and are available in different sizes used plastic pallets from Plain Pallets.

If you are looking to send goods overseas, featuring various specifications, you will need export pallets and custom pallets. Many pallet-making companies online can make custom pallets as per your needs. They may build pallets per your specifications, logistic challenges, and as per your unique supply chain. Pallets might be made up of new hardwood timber or from the recycled ones. Other material option includes metal or aluminum, plywood material and the plastic ones. For a brand, new custom solution, you need to choose a reliable company equipped with experienced staffs, using modern machinery.

Pallet Racking Systems and Various Options

If your business needs you to store and transport materials and products, you need a proper pallet racking system. A pallet racking system is the kind of storage system, which is meant to store products on pallets or skids. If you check online, you will come across varied kind of pallet racking systems to facilitate easy storage of the palletized goods.
Custom Pallets for fruit and apples

In the Pallet Racking System, There Are Mainly Three Options.

  • The foremost is the selective pallet racking system; whereby, you can access the pallets conveniently by using the forklift truck. This is easy to use flexible pallet system available at cost effective rates.
  • Secondly, there is the drive in pallet racking system; whereby, you may store high-density pallet goods. Drive in racking allows one to save the storage costs and permits the optimum usage of space. Drive in racking is mostly used in the cold storages, warehousing, and distribution center.
  • Thirdly, the cantilever pallet racking system, which is meant to store awkward items like steel, timber, piping, and furniture.

Some Options in Custom Pallets

Export and custom pallets have huge application when you need to shift or transport irregular-sized or difficult-to-handle goods. When the standard size of the pallet is not ideal for your storage and transportation needs, you can place orders for any of the below-mentioned options in custom pallets:

Custom Pallets boxed up stacked

  • Metal pallets: The foremost option is aluminum or metal pallets that are used for the storage and transportation of heavy items. They feature great sanitation and are durable in nature. Aluminum custom pallets are perfect for the catering industry. The material is rust resistant and can keep the pests and bugs at bay.
  • Wooden Pallets: If you want to transport light and medium weight products, you may use the plywood pallet. Being strong and durable in nature, the plywood pallets are lightweight to make transportation and goods handling easy. Plywood pallets are appealing and features a smooth surface.
  • Plastic Pallets: Plastic pallets are the best option when you need to transport perishable items. Items like milk, vegetables, fruits, meat, may be transported with ease. Since the material option is stable and safe, it is perfect for different kinds of storage and transportation applications. They are again lightweight and are resistant to shock. Look for a pallet, which features anti-slip surface.

If you need export pallets, you must get in touch with a reliable company and discuss your needs. Try to place bulk orders to save money.


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