Out of the Dark: a Short History of Lighting

history of lighting and hanging lights

We take lighting so much for granted nowadays that we don’t stop to consider the fact that once upon a time, we didn’t have lighting during the night time hours and the only source of it during the day time was the sun. From the dawn of time, we’ve needed light to be able to find food, to explore to create, but it’s only in more recent times that we’ve had light on demand.

Festive Lights has created an informative video that tracks the progress of lighting. It takes us right from the sun itself and fire as necessities to light our way, all the way through functional lighting up to the way that light is used today as decoration, for home décor, Christmas lights, TVs and more.

Sit back, relax and enjoy finding out how we came out of the dark with this video all about the history of lighting:


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