Eight Ingenious Changes Around The House Guaranteed To Give You More Energy

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Do you ever wake up feeling like you’ve never slept? Do you ever get to midday and decide that getting out of bed was a mistake? Does it ever feel like sleep is the only plan you have for your evening? It sounds like you could do with a bit more energy! While there are a few medical reasons that people feel far more tired, there are plenty of non-medical reasons too. There are even little changes that can be made to the home that can allow you to feel more energized.

  1. Create your dream garden

Getting outside is great for boosting energy. Even as little as 20 minutes in the great outdoors can do wonders for your energy levels. So you could go for a walk in the fresh air in your local woods, park, or down the river. Or if you want something to show for your hard work, why not spend some time in your own backyard making it look beautiful? The bonus here is that the exercise from hard work gets your blood pumping, gets adrenaline rushing, and you even get yourself some bonus vitamin D if the sun is shining. Oh, and you get a beautiful yard to show off. Even gentle weeding, planting seeds, and taking clippings can have a significant impact on your energy, so give it a go.

  1. Overhaul your bedroom

The bedroom is the hub of relaxation. If you ever go to sleep and wake up feeling not remotely energized, chances are your bedroom is holding you back. It has to be dark, quiet, comfortably furnished, and set at the optimal 65 degrees for sleep. If it’s not all of these things, it could mean you get disturbed regularly. Do you wake up feeling achy, or suffer from unexplained lower back pain? Your mattress could be problematic. Learn from www.mattress-guides.net/top-premium-mattresses-chronic-lower-back-pain/ how an orthopedic mattress could help you. Add blackout blinds, a dimmer switch, and tidy away the clutter, and you should find that your sleep quality improves and with it, your energy levels.

  1. Deal with problems as the arise

Getting stressed can cause us serious exhaustion. Many of us struggle to deal with stress and anxiety productively, and instead allow it to fester. This festering takes up a whole lot of energy, which many of us just can’t spare. So instead of just dealing with the problem or effectively push it aside, we allow it to drain us. Dealing with problems, especially around the house, as soon as they arise can result in far less anxiety playing on your mind. Problems rarely go away, and often get worse, so don’t just hope that one termite you saw making a break for it across your kitchen floor was a lone ranger – get an exterminator out to check – it’s not worth the stress to just leave it.

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  1. Get the kitchen in good shape

Humans, like all animals, get their energy from food. Obviously, some foods are better than others at giving us this energy. Takeout pizza, for the most part, isn’t great at giving us energy. Candy, chips, and chocolate are also not great. We do take energy from these foods, but it’s not sustainable – they cause peaks in our insulin levels which, when they wear off, can leave us feeling even more drained than before. If you’re not a fan of cooking for yourself – maybe you struggle to find time, or you feel as though you don’t have the energy – make your dream kitchen a place you want to be. Cooking from home means you can prioritize healthy, energy giving food. It doesn’t have to take long, wholemeal pasta with broccoli and chicken takes around 15 minutes, and it’s super high in energy and nutrients. All it takes is a couple of pans, a good set of knives, and the desire to learn, and not only have you got yourself a new hobby, but you’ve also got a new-found source of energy too.

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  1. Let the light and bright in

A dark home, filled with unnatural light, will make us feel sleepy. A bright home, filled with color and sunlight is really energizing. So throw open those curtains, and let the light flood your home. Use mirrors and reflective surfaces to encourage the house to feel even more open and lighter. Light colored walls also help to reflect the light, making the room feel bigger and airier.

  1. Get a water filter

Dehydration is a major cause of lacking energy. We need around eight cups of water a day, but most of us fall seriously short of this. Many people make the mistake of thinking that caffeinated drinks, such as Coca-Cola, energy drinks, tea, and coffee are suitable ways to take in water, but these are actually diuretics, meaning they cause you to lose water. Many people avoid drinking water because they do not like the taste. The taste in water comes from the minerals which are dissolved in there. A water filter helps to take out these minerals, making water taste of nothing. You could even add sugar-free cordial to completely alter the tastes. Try to drink your eight cups a day and see how much your energy level is improved.

  1. Create a home gym

It might seem counter-intuitive, but regular exercise can actually make us feel more energetic, not less. It helps us to build up stamina, and our bodies learn to use the oxygen we breath more efficiently in our muscles and organs. Trying to find the motivation to go for a run or to the gym can be really difficult when you’re tired, so this is where the home gym comes in. All it takes is a few small pieces of equipment, and some foam mats to protect the floor, and you’ve got a perfectly good workout space at home. Kettlebells, a jump rope, and dumbbells are the perfect place to start.

  1. Bring in the plants

Finally, houseplants are amazing additions to any home. Not only do they add a bit of color, texture, and natural interest, but they can even help to give you more energy. They filter impurities such as mold spores out of the air, along with carbon dioxide, and release pure oxygen into the room. Go for hardwearing plants such as mother in law’s tongue, or a spider plant, and see how much difference it makes to the air purity in your home.


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