Crying in the dressing room: Tips to build a perfect closet for your customer

dressing room closet for spouse

In the world of fast fashion we live in, buying clothes has never been cheaper and easier; rarely of spectacular quality, trendy rags and cuts come and go on almost weekly basis, and whoever is a sucker for fashion (or just likes to look good) will make a stop at their favorite mall store and purchase a few items in a blink. Fast fashion doesn’t cost much so, these days, going shopping for clothes is almost as going shopping for some milk and bread. Ah, well – the joys of capitalism.

However, the nonsense and contradiction of the forever-growing clothing lines and store chains is that, while the clothes are very accessible and beautiful to the eye, the experience of trying them out in the store is terrible!

And it’s not about the material, really; sure, you’ll find rubbery materials that stretch after they’ve been worn once but you’ll also find pieces that last through several washes. What seems to be the problem is the way those dressing rooms are built. Do store owners really think women (and men) are THAT confident to be trying out miniskirts, swimwear, cropped tops, etc. under fluorescent lights that make every single flaw and cellulite bump show? Nuh-uh! What’s even weirder is that almost nobody has addressed the issue of terrible changing rooms yet everyone is more than aware! It’s time that changes!

To everyone who is looking to have their customer come out of the shopping closet (no pun intended) with a smile on their face rather than a frown, we are giving you super useful tips and tricks to help you build perfect dressing rooms for your store.

Here we go:

closet door frame lighting


You want your customer to like what they see in the mirror, simple as that. Going for mirrors that are cheap is definitely not a smart choice. Why? Those cheap options tend to be bent or bowed, often warped and widening resulting in an unnatural reflection. They’ll make your customer look bigger than they are and visually stretch out their proportions. That’s how you lose a customer, you know?

More expensive mirrors provide a much more natural and realistic look. Also, larger mirrors for fitting rooms always take advantage over smaller ones as they help the customer have a full head-to-toe look at an outfit.

dressing room closet lighting


Lightning is probably the biggest factor in determining the way your customers will see themselves look in a fitting room. Harsh fluorescent lighting accentuates cellulite, wrinkles, bulges, and other not-so-flattering characteristics. You may be thinking that dimmer lighting is a solution – truth is – that option makes it more difficult for a customer to tell whether or not they like the outfit.

The perfect level and quality of light is achieved with lighting panels down each side of the mirror, especially if we are talking neutral white lighting. Further, commercial LED lighting are another great option. With the lighting nailed properly, your customer’s fitting room experience will definitely be improved.

perfect dressing room mens

Size and conformity

Small is never good, especially not for a dressing room. When faced with a cramped fitting room, the customer’s movement is limited so they aren’t able to check out what they look like from all angles. This is why you need to give them enough space to not only move around a bit, but also be comfortable changing from one outfit to another.

Further, have more than one or two hooks for hangers, making it possible for the customer to hang their personal items as well as the items of clothing they’ve took to try on.

closet lighting and chairs seated

Color and design

Fitting room design and color can play a big role in how customers perceive their appearance. Combined with lighting, colors that are too bright (pink, oranges, reds…) may result in casting an unnatural glow while darker colors can add to the feeling of a dressing room being a dingy place.

Opt for more neutral colors like beige, white, eggshell, light blue, a muted wallpaper pattern… and turn the fitting room into a more attractive spot that won’t be the cause of your customer’s heartache.

It’s very obvious that every different store or chain does their own thing. However, to beat the competition, keep the above tips and pointers in mind and provide shoppers with a better fitting room experience.


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