Spring Refresh: Bring the Season to Your Living Room

Spring Refresh couch in living room

Spring has officially sprung! Winter decor is now a thing of the past, which means it’s time to refresh your home for the new season. Adding more lighting, placing flowers around the house, and spring cleaning are just a few of the things you can do. It’s always exciting to get a chance to redecorate!

Focus on Focal Points

When refreshing, it’s important to start with the main rooms of your home, such as the living room. This is where we spend most of our time, so begin by focusing a lot of attention here. You want to welcome spring into your house with open arms, but still make sure you’re maintaining the existing aesthetic of your home.

Starting with your sofa is always a good idea, as it is a focal point of the room. If you need some inspiration before beginning, Arhaus has a great collection to check out. Fireplaces can also act as great focal points in the room. Putting different plants on the mantel can spruce up this area for the season.

The Accents

Texture and ambiance is important in a home regardless of the time of year. For this season, it’s always nice to display spring-patterned pillows and throws on your sofa and other furniture pieces to evoke the “fresh air” feeling this season brings. When choosing your pillows and throws, keep an eye out for ones that have a lighter, less bulky feel.

Again, spring is all about a light and breezy atmosphere, and you can bring that feeling inside with light-colored decor, more lighting around the house, and of course, more sunshine! There’s nothing like natural light to help bring positive energy. Throughout the day, keep your blinds/curtains open to let the sunshine flow in. When the sun goes down, be sure you have the perfect lighting up to keep the mood going. Pendant lighting (like this) is an easy option without taking up any additional space, keeping the room de-cluttered.

Pendant Lighting and Hanging Lights

Bring Life to the Living Room

The last piece of advice, but certainly not least important, is to fill your home with plants! The spring-ier the better. Flowers specifically are a great way to add pops of seasonal color. Try to include colors like purple, yellow, white, or any other hues that are popular for the season. Options like peonies and lilacs work perfectly. Not only does this bring more oxygen into your home, but it helps brighten up a room, and best of all, is beautiful to look at!

Now it’s your turn! Open up the windows and kick the winter blues out for the year. Time for a spring refresh!


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