5 Fabulous 50th Birthday Party Ideas

50th Birthday bottles of wine

Turning 50 is a milestone that should be celebrated in style. Whether you’re feeling young or old, one thing is for sure: you’ve been around long enough to know how to have a damn good time!

We thought you might like some help with a few creative ideas for your 50th birthday party celebrations. A party need not be expensive – the best ones rarely are. Simple and effective work very well. Whether you’re a man or a woman, here are 5 great 50th birthday party ideas for you to consider for your half century.

  1. Golden Party

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, the big 5-0 is represented by gold! Why not make this the theme of your big do and have your home decorated inside and out in gold (or a mix of gold and silver), ready for the party? Start by adorning your front gate with twinkling gold lights and have a few gold lanterns hanging on the walls. Pull out some pictures of you through the years and hang these using gold ribbon, or make a frame of gold and silver ribbons.

You could hire caterers to prepare a delicious lunch and the food could be served on golden plates. You could also go with a lighting hire company for setting the best mood. Have your menu printed on gold-coloured cards and why not hire gold crockery and throw over a gold tablecloth … Or is all this gold overdoing it a bit?

50th Birthday ideas oldies

  1. Back to the Good Old Days

Another idea is to pull out some items from your childhood, make a show of these on a table or a piano – your first ballet shoes, an old school blazer, or a certificate or award you’re proud of – and let the party guests have a glimpse into your early life.

You could also hire a juke box and play music of your era. Why not suspend a disco ball and play some great disco tunes from the 1980s! See if you can find any old film posters and put these up around the house. Ask a friend to take photos of people enjoying themselves, as you’ll be making new memories and will want to keep these on record.

50th Birthday drinks on the house

  1. Crazy Cocktail Party

Send your guests glitzy invitations and ask them to dress for the occasion. Tuxedos and black ties for the men, fur coats, boas and sexy hats for the women. Roll out a red carpet on your driveway and have someone take pictures of people arriving. Serve hors d’oeuvres and chilled champagne to the sound of funky jazz music. You might even play a few games like charades or have a fun quiz.

Book a hunky bartender to mix up some classic cocktails for your guests, served in fancy cocktail glasses. Cosmopolitan, anyone?

50th Birthday party in tent

  1. Arabian Nights

How about hiring a big Arabian tent for your party with colourful drapes, curtains and textured fabrics? These come with full Moroccan décor and large comfy cushions. A caterer could whip up some delicious Middle Eastern food and later, outside on the patio, a few belly dancers could entertain your guests.

Candles have a unique look and feel – they’re romantic and fill a room with a soft, gorgeous light that has the added bonus of smoothing out any wrinkles you may want to gloss over! You could put candles in paper bags and set these along the driveway to show the way to the marquee.

50th Birthday party outside

  1. Party in the Country

A great place to have a 50th birthday party is in England’s green and pleasant land, although actually the Welsh and Scottish countryside is very nice too!  If you have the budget you could always hire a grand country house for a weekend or just for the day, complete with caterers.

Invite all your friends and relatives to join you. Enjoy great food in the form of a delicious summer lunch, served on long tables out in the garden under the oaks. Or perhaps a picnic is more your thing. Lay out blankets in the garden and hand over a delectable picnic basket to everyone. And don’t forget the champagne!

If you really want to do it in style, why not have a three-course dinner in the grand hall. The staff could be dressed in period costumes and so could your guests. Hire some musicians to play Tudor music on old instruments and shout at your ‘subjects’ from your throne at the head of the table.


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