The Housewarming Gifts You Never Knew You Wanted To Receive

Housewarming keys and gift set

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When you’re moving home, people often want to inundate you with gifts that are useful. You’ll recover these things a couple of years later when you’re finally finishing off all of your unpacking (everyone has that one box that they don’t get to for quite some time … right?) and realise that you never really needed them in the first place, proving how useful they actually were. While the thought was there, sometimes it’s just better for your friends and family to save their hard-earned cash. However, there are some things that you may just want to drop a hint for…

A Fresher Smile

Quite a few people put together a ‘welcome to your new home’ pack, which consists of the basic hygiene essentials (toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel etc), plus a few kitchen essentials (so you’re looking at your washing up liquid, sponges) as well as something to make yourself a drink with (tea, coffee or cordial in a cute little container that you’d use in one swig). While all of this is absolutely darling and no doubt a welcome addition to your home – especially when you’re travelling and can take all of the unused mini toiletries with you in a handy bag – there are things that could be of more use to you, especially during your first days in your new home, and maybe could be something that you think about gifting to others yourself to step one step ahead and start the trend. For example, a toothbrush and toothpaste can be swapped for a miswak toothbrush, found at, which doesn’t require any water or toothpaste to be used – handy for those who need to do up a space such as a bathroom before using it! You could also put in a voucher for them to get their hair totally redone at the end of their move instead of giving over little potted shampoos and conditioners.

Make It Homely

There are quite a number of new homeowners who receive flowers upon their move, but most often they haven’t got the amount of vases required for them to give them a nice home. If this is you, tell people that you haven’t got a vase to put your flowers in and you might just be surprised to see what turns up to help pot your pretties. There’s also the option of getting a house plant which will keep blooming over the years instead of flowers which are just going to wilt in a few weeks anyway. Succulents are always a safe bet as they’re quite hard to kill.

Offer Time

Giving over vouchers for a day’s help unpacking or a home-cooked dinner to be cashed in at the end of it all is a great thing to receive, but an even better thing to give. Make sure that you have the time available and, even if you don’t ask for the help, you can use it as a time to catch up with your friends and family.


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