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Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to start thinking about getting to work on your home’s exterior. Now that winter is over, I’m sure your exterior will be looking slightly worse for wear. It’s the part of your home that will take the brunt of the bad weather, so it’s always worth touching it up and making repairs throughout the spring and summer. And as the weather will be better, you have much more pleasant conditions for working outside! Here are some jobs that it’s worth doing outside your house in the next few weeks.

Touch Up Any Paintwork

If you have any paintwork on the exterior of your property, all the rain and storms through winter could have caused it to start peeling or flaking off. Even if all the paint is still on the wall, it could look quite dirty or dull. So, it’s necessary to get out there and touch up the paintwork. Firstly, use a paint remover or paint stripper to get rid of any old and flakey paint. If there is no damage to the paint, you can simply paint over it straight away. Make sure you paint your property when there is only good weather forecast as any rain could ruin all the hard work you put into the job.

Clean Out Your Gutters

No one likes to clean out their gutters as it can be such a messy job! This is one reason why some people choose to hire a handyman to do it for them! But, even if you are getting some help with your gutters, now is the time to get to work on them. They could have collected a lot of dead leaves and other debris over the winter, so it’s best to unblock them now before any April showers start!

Repair Your Roof

The roof of a house is another area that will have struggled with all the bad weather through winter. It’s a good idea to climb up there and see if you need to replace any tiles. If there are any bigger repairs that need carrying out, you should consider getting a professional home remodeling company to help you out. This is often the safest option, as you won’t have to spend too long on the roof carrying out all the various tasks and repairs that need doing.

Maintain Windows

You should also check your windows and make sure that they are still sealed correctly. Over time, the frames can become loose, which results in gaps in the seals. You can buy a sealant from your local DIY store to fill these in with. It’s also a good idea to repaint the frames every four to five years to ensure they always look fresh and good as new. If the window frames are wooden and you notice any rotting, you should replace them as quickly as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to get outside and work on the exterior of your house!


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