Quick Solutions for Common Skin Problems

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Whether large or small, it’s almost inevitable that all of us will suffer from some sort of skin problems during our lifetime. When you do encounter any issues, it’s a good idea to be prepared so you know the best way to handle them quickly. Here are just a few of the most common skin conditions and some possible solutions.


Unfortunately, this major source of teenage angst that plagued us during our adolescent years doesn’t disappear the moment we enter adulthood. Hormones that have been linked to stress have been found to be a problem when it comes to acne (remember those flare-ups close to exam time?) so you should try to combat any excess stress in your life with some calming techniques. Poor dietary habits, as well as smoking and drinking have also been linked to these annoying red bumps so try to cut back on bad habits. Speak to your physician if nothing seems to be working.


In the first instance, when it comes to sunburn, prevention is always far better than the cure so use appropriate sun screen when you are exposed to the sun. Remember that UV damage can even occur through windows so wear a moisturiser with an SPF factor and you will always have some protection. If it’s already too late, apply some after sun to the problem areas twice a day. Vitamin E gel also helps the restorative process.


This is a very common ailment that affects 31.8 million people in the US. If you are having problems, there are a range of treatment options at West Dermatology that can provide you with some relief. There are also a few things that you can do yourself to sooth the itchy skin including applying a cold compress and wearing comfortable fabrics which don’t result in further irritation. Try keeping your fingernails clipped to prevent any additional damage.

Dark Under-Eye Circles

The skin underneath your eyes can be particularly unforgiving if you don’t get enough sleep and your diet is not as good as it can be. If you simply can’t reduce your hectic schedule, eat more fruit and vegetables in your diet, drink plenty of water and try out yoga to reduce stress. A couple of cool slices of cucumber on your eyes can also do the world of good!

Razor Burn

We’ve all probably suffered from razor-burn at one point or another during our lives. Irritating red bumps are common and can end up being very painful. Before you shave, use plenty of warm water and make sure the razor blades are sharp and and clean. Apply plenty of lubricant and shave with the grain of the hair. If it’s too late to prevent the problem, try using an aloe-based cortisone cream.


Since there’s nothing you can do to go back in time, make sure to protect your skin from future damage. Rub in moisturiser on a regular basis to prevent the onset of wrinkles. Stop your house from becoming too dry by always using a extractor fan and a humidifier.


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