Top Bathroom Wall and Floor Tile Trends for 2017

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We all spend a good deal of our time in the bathroom, it follows that it should be the most beautiful, restful and glamorous space in the house, right? But if that’s the case, why do so many people just don’t seem to be able to pull this off? Their bathroom fittings may be great, but where they invariably fall short is with tiling for walls and floors. It seems that plain, drab shapes and colours is the norm. Oh, dear, so dull, so boring!

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can be a tricky process, especially with a wealth of choice of luxury bathrooms Sussex based companies. If you’re about to refurbish your bathroom, now’s the time to let your imagination run riot and make your tiled floors and walls a thing of eye-catching beauty. Take a look at bathroom tile trends for this year – the stylish, the trendy and the downright gorgeous. We’re talking bold colours, creative designs, and some highly unusual materials.

Large format ‘kitkats’

In the 2017 world of wall tiles, you might like to consider ‘kitkat’ or ‘finger’ tiles. These gorgeous and unusually-shaped tiles – ever so slightly thinner and longer than the ever-popular format – are elegant, sophisticated and very on trend.

Dry-pressed ceramic tiles

One bathroom tile trend for walls and floors in 2017 is ceramic tiles available in two colour ways. These have borders and corner tiles that complement. The colour ways are simple yet classic, and they’re ideal for creating an ultra-modern look. Because of the fine intricate patterns, they also add a warm, decorative touch to your bathroom. The tiles are made from dry-pressed ceramic, are hard wearing, beautifully tactile, and can be used on bathroom walls as well as floors.

Black is back

Black has come out of the cupboard, again. One wall of these shiny black tiles can transform a bathroom into something quite spectacular. They’re in a class of their own and breathtakingly beguiling. You may also want to keep your eye open for some gorgeous black bathroom taps, as no-one else will have these…


If you’re thinking bold but elegant shapes, then feast your eyes on the wonderful choice of hexagon floor tiles – these will definitely be seen everywhere this season. Hexagon floor tiles, paired with classic traditional borders make a truly enchanting statement. There are also more modern urban designs in bright iridescent tones or soft, sophisticated plain greys.

Herringbone patterns

This is the year for exciting tiling patterns, as opposed to the safe and dull. Instead of traditional brick-bond, why not go with a herringbone style – we’ve heard these are going to be huge!


Mosaics have a charm and a gorgeous quality all of their own, so why not think about adding some of these tiles to the flat and curved surfaces in your shower room. You could also choose the two-textured hexagon mosaics that come in a range of colour ways, which are perfect for a stand-out bathroom wall.

Moody blues or soft pinks

How about getting to grips with some moody blues? You can tile the bathroom walls in two shades of blue, one slightly darker, one more of a grey-blue hue. If you’re scared these colours may be a little too bold, then look for some neutral tones, such as soft pink, or a subtle hazelnut. Choose floor tiles in the same colours for a great match.

Patterned tiles

It doesn’t matter what colour you choose as long as they’re patterned! Most bathrooms have too many straight lines and hard surfaces and by using patterned tiles you’ll be introducing some much-needed softness and colour. A patterned floor is evidence that you’ve spent some time thinking about the space and introduced a little of your own personality. There’s a thrilling range of patterned tiles, from Moroccan-inspired designs, to micro-florals and even modern zig-zags that resemble the gorgeous Art Deco style of the 1920s and 1930s. These are an excellent way to add vibrant colour and patterns to your bathroom scheme.

Keep it simple

There’s one main rule when refurbishing a bathroom – keep the sanitary ware simple so the floor can become the main focal point. Balance is key, otherwise the space could be too overpowering. If you think tiling the whole floor is a little too much, then go with a splashback instead – sometimes less is more, more or less!


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