Difference Between Spray Tanning and UV Tanning

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On the road to get a really good tan, people tend to either think of going under the sun or indulging in some indoor tanning. Under the latter, there are generally two kinds of indoor tanning, which is either Spray tanning or UV tanning.

There are many questions pertaining to the differences between Spray tanning. And UV tanning. How do they work? Which is safer? Which gives better results? Well don’t worry, Beauty Blog is here to help answer those questions!

Spray Tanning

People opt for spray tanning as a fast and efficient way to get a tan. Spray tanning simply sprays a dye over your skin to create a fake layer of tanned-skin for you

In spray tanning, the process works with an ingredient called DHA, or Dihydroxyacetone. It is a safe chemical which will not harm the body. Some people prefer spray tanning as it produces results immediately.

People can either choose to spray tan at home or at spray tanning salons. Professionals overseeing the process at salons would definitely ensure a better colour and tone though. Note that spray tanning does not last forever. It would fade over time.

UV Tanning

The customer walks into a tanning booth or enters a tanning bed. In it, the special fluorescent tubes fitted inside would emit the UV light. This UV light is basically like the sun, which would allow the skin to absorb the light and hence, be tanned.

as UV rays is emitted by the tubes. The skin hence absorbs the rays, producing melanin which darkens the outer layer of the skin. As such, a tan results.

If you are wondering about the effectiveness of UV tanning, it would depend on the person who goes through it. The results varies among different people. Why? The reason is that not everybody absorbs UV light the same way. A base tan is required for more effective tanning. Hence, someone with dark skin would definitely show better results compared to someone with fair skin.

Indoor UV Tanning

People who go for indoor tanning can either choose to lie down in a tanning bed or stand in a tanning booth. They are both very convenient and easy to use. Tanning lotions can also be used to optimize the effects of tanning.

Which is better?

There isn’t really any definite conclusion to which method of tanning is better. Both provide efficient results and it is really up to the individual to choose.


A few precautionary steps can be taken while visiting a professional spray tanner or salon.

  • Such as the facility should be safe.
  • The equipment should be new and of latest technology.
  • The facility you visit should be less crowded so that you get adequate time to relax.
  • Do not forget to wear goggles.
  • Avoid applying any cosmetics on your body before tanning session.
  • Do not expose to UV rays or sunlight within 48 hours after the tanning session.
  • You should avoid UV exposure if you are under 18 years, pregnant or breast feeding, have blonde or red hair.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure of getting a nice, sleek and healthy tan on yourself.


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