Different Types of Experienced and Qualified Electrician as Available

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Everyone in the modern society needs to hire the services of the electricians, to fix their electrical problems at homes or in offices, as well as to install new electrical fixtures on the building walls. So it is necessary to hire only experienced and qualified electrician for completing the electrical projects of the buildings, to ensure safety of the people and the properties. But there are a few diverse fields of electrician training, in which an electrician can gain special expertise and offer competent services to his customers.

Varieties Available in the Categories of Electricians

  1. Residential Electricians: This is the most common category of working as an electrician, as a residential electrician handles all the wirings and installations of the electrical appliances and fixtures in a domestic building and the outdoor lightings, as well as the repairs of all kinds of electrical problems spotted in a common house and even at its courtyard. A person needs to undergo a training to be an electrician, then work as an apprentice under the supervision of an experienced and qualified electrician for minimum 4 years and finally give an examination, conducted by the local state authority, to get the license for working as a residential electrician.
  2. Commercial Electricians: The job role of a commercial electrician is quite similar to the residential ones, but here the wiring or installation works require to be done on a large scale. These electricians generally need to work in large commercial buildings; like shopping malls, schools and colleges, hospitals and offices. They need to look after the installation of the electrical security system, electronic locking system, water heaters and central air-conditioning or heating system in the assigned commercial building. In this category, the electrician needs to remain as an apprentice under any well-known master electrician for a few years, after his training in electrical field, to achieve the license for continuing as a commercial electrician. The examination taken for granting this license is much tougher than that taken for granting the license of residential electricians; as here the safety of huge number of people will be at stake, in case of any mistake committed by the commercial electrician.
  3. Master Electricians: As the name suggests, this kind of electrician is supposed to have minimum work experience of 7 years as an electrician; as well as should work in a supervisory role under an electrical contractor, or may run his own electrical contracting agency for some time, which means he should be capable of man management, handling the team of residential or commercial electricians, apprentices and laborers. This person also needs to hold a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, to have wide knowledge about the electrical systems and their installations or maintenance works.
  4. Industrial Electricians: This category of electrician deals with the installation and regular maintenance of the electrical systems in the factories and warehouses, for the help of the industries. So they need to be highly qualified and should have enough experience of working under an electrical contractor for some years or may work on contractual basis for several contractors, to achieve the necessary license to work in this field.
  5. Journeymen Electricians: This type of electrician is more or less same as the industrial ones, as the journeymen electricians too need to have wide knowledge of the mechanical equipments and they are the ones, who work on the overhead wirings of the streets and in manufacturing plants, as well as look after the mechanical installations in both residential and commercial buildings. So they need to undergo a hard electrical examination, on the completion of their apprenticeship, after which they are given licenses to work independently and train up new apprentice electricians.
  6. Marine Electricians: As per the name, this type of electrician handles the electrical works of only the ships and other kinds of sea-vessels needed for military, commercial and civic purposes. So special training course is mandatory to become a marine electrician.

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