It’s What’s On The Outside That Counts!

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Now, you have probably heard the phrase ‘that appearances don’t really matter, as it’s what’s on the inside that counts.’ This is all very well and good when referring to human beings. But when we are talking about our pride and joy, that is our home, how it look on the outside definitely matters as well. That why I have put together this short guide on how to make sure your house looks gorgeous on the outside, as well and the inside.

Front garden

Not all properties have a front garden, but if they do then it’s really important to get it right. This is because it’s the first thing that both others and you will see from the street, when you approach your property.

But what makes a good front garden? Well, this can have a lot to do, with how green-fingered you are, and how much you enjoy gardening. If you love to be outside no matter what the weather, then filling your front garden with a green lawn and flowers is a great idea. As it will look lush and attractive.

However, if you would prefer something a little more low maintenance, then it might be better to avoid a lawn altogether and go for gravel or a patio. Then add interest with shrubs and flowers in pots, that are easily moved to different positions to show them off.  

Doors and Windows

Other vital elements of the outside of your house that you need to get right are the door and windows. Not only do they need to be attractive, but they also need to be secure and well insulated, so they keep the heat in your home.
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It is also important that you match the style of doors and windows to the period of your home. For example, older houses will look better with heavy old-fashioned styled doors. While newer property can benefit from glass doors, in a more modern style.
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You must also take good care of the guttering on the outside of your property to ensure it remained looking it best. Gutters are there to catch the runoff rainwater and direct it away from the walls of the house.

That is why it is so important to have your gutters installed by professionals like GlennStone Roofing Company. This is because if they are faulty, then the water will overflow and hit the walls as it drains away.

At best this can cause nasty marking on the front of your house. But at worst it can cause the damp spot to appear on the inside of you home. Which is something you really don’t want.
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Outside walls

Now it may seem a little boring, talking about the outside walls of your home. But they are fact vital to the look, usually because they take up the most surface area.

So, if your home is made from exposed brick or stone, makeup to keep it in good repair. You can also have stone cleaned by power washing it. Which with help to remove any dirt and grime, so it looks new again.

If you home is wooden or plastered on the outside then painting it regularly is key to keeping it looking great. This should be done every few years for the best effect. There is some wonderful architecture now a days, if you are interested please take a look at Newtecnic who have worked on projects such as the great ormond street hospital in London.


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