Speed Clean Your Bathroom With These Ingenious Tips

Clean Your Bathroom bath tub faucet


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Ugh, cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favorite chores! Ok, so none of the chores on my to-do list are that great, but if I had to pick the worst one, it would definitely be cleaning and tidying the bathroom. It just never seems to make a difference, and as soon as someone uses the toilet or bath, it’s instantly dirty again. It also takes a long time too!

But then a friend told me how she is able to speed clean her bathroom in hardly any time at all. I was very impressed by all her tips! In fact, I was so impressed that I’ve collected them all in this blog post for you.

Get Easy Clean Materials

If your bathroom is taking a long time to clean, it is probably because the materials of all the various fixtures and fittings aren’t easy to clean. For example, natural wooden surfaces take some time to polish and shine. Enamel can also get very grimey, and you will need to use a lot of elbow grease to make it sparkly! So, if you have any hard-to-clean materials in your bathroom, you should replace them with wipeable ones, such as stainless steel and brass. You will find a huge range of bath taps to suit any bath in many different home stores. As well as taps, you can also find many plugs, mirror frames, and shower heads in these wipeable materials.

Natural Cleaning Products Are Your Friends

No matter how strong or effective a bathroom cleaner says it is on the bottle, you will still have to put a lot of effort into rubbing it in and then rinsing it off. There’s no wonder why cleaning the bathroom can often end in back pains and aches. If you are sick of having to put in all this hard work, you should swap your chemical cleaners for natural ones. Not only are these a lot better for the environment but, more often than not, they are a lot more effective compared to shop-bought ones. For instance, simply sprinkling baking soda onto your tiles can instantly get rid of mold and mildew. Lemon juice is also a great solution for getting rid of hard-water stains.

Clean Your Bathroom bathtub drain

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Make It A Habit

You shouldn’t only clean your bathroom when it needs doing. Ideally, you need to have a set time each week when you roll up your sleeves and get to work. That way, you will end up falling into a habit, which can make all the cleaning and tidying a lot easier to manage. You will know exactly what to do, you won’t even think about it anymore! Plus, the more often you clean your bathroom, the less dirty it will be when you go to do it. And this means it won’t take you as long to get it spotless!

So, there you have it, some really great ideas to help you speed clean your bathroom! Hopefully, this will help you enjoy this chore a bit more!


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