Giving The Lounge A Much Needed Touch Of Class

Lounge home improvement lighting


The lounge should be, above all other rooms in the home, the one that people are most eager to relax and sink into. One of the most inviting things about a good lounge is the idea of comfort and class. It’s time to outgrow the frenetic styles of lounges past and give this one a real air of sophistication.

Shades of decadence

When it comes to setting the mood of a room, then few things are going to work as well as the color scheme of it. For one tip, don’t start by painting the walls first. Instead, start with a few pieces of furniture so you’re not limiting your choices right from the get go. A hint of dark rich colors, shades of black and jewel colors like ruby red make an instant statement of class. However, don’t be afraid to keep the darkest shades to only one wall if you don’t want the room to suck up too much light.

Add a sense of permanence

Class is something that is immortal, so things that highlight that immortality can be a great addition to make. For instance, how many vintage coffee shops and stores let a bit of brickwork lay bare (albeit cleaned up)? You can make use of the same trick in your home. If you don’t have any, you can just as easily add some with Architectural Stone Elements. A bit of hard, permanent looking material adds an age to the home that gives it prestige it might not really have.

Class is sensation

It’s not all about what you see, either. The right physical feel is just as important. Hardwood floors are a good start, but you need a touch of softness like a good rug to offset them. Leather furniture is undeniably indulgent, but make sure you take care of your leather pieces as well. Cracked and dirty leather isn’t going to impress anyone.

Draw the eye

A good focal point, a statement that catches the attention, is needed in every room. In a lot of rooms, however, that focal point is all too often left to the TV. That doesn’t look very classy. Instead, give a piece of artwork pride of place in the home. Tastes vary on artwork, of course, but it’s a good idea to choose something that contrasts the color scheme, as opposed to clashing with it.

Lighting makes a huge difference

The changes you make in the room are limited by the space available. If it looks too cramped, then it can work against everything you want in there. So, think about using more lighting to create an illusion of more space. Besides using mirrors and thinner window treatments, layer your lighting so it works harder to banish the shadows where they stick most stubbornly in the room.

The point about getting class right is that it should offer the home all the quiet relaxation it needs, but it shouldn’t be so rigid that a room is unwelcoming. Hopefully, the tips above help you find just that right balance.


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