5 Best Skin Care Tips for This Coming Summer

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Summer is literally upon Philippine shores. Soon every Filipino in the country will feel the heat, which can be good if you are sick of all the typhoons and storms that visited the country in the past few months. But you have to be wary as well, for this season is notorious for sun-related skin diseases.

You have got to take special care of your skin these following months. Read the best moisturizer reviews in the Philippines if you have to in order to get ready; and take note of the following:


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Exfoliation is being done to remove all the dead and dull skin cells on your body. Essentially, this prevents congestion in your skin and improves overall hydration.

Here’s a tip: perform this during mornings, right before you apply your toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup on your face. It will make all these products last longer on your skin. Just don’t forget to immediately add the moisturizer (on your face) and a hydrating body lotion (on your body) afterwards so they can lock in the moisture.

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Aside from applying your everyday moisturizer on your face and a body lotion for the other parts of your body, be sure to up your hydrating regimen this season for it can be extensively drying for your skin. Consider using intensive skin masques and apply it at least twice a week. Boosters are also great as an added layer to your moisturizer. Plus, you might want to invest on toner spritz that you can take anywhere with you including in your office, car, gym, and on the airplane. (moneypip.com)

Drink lots of H2O

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Dehydration is not only bad for your skin. It can also give you dizzy spells and headaches. This is why you must drink (if not a lot) enough amount of water daily. Drinking 8 ounces of water everyday should do the trick. If you are always heading out, don’t forget to bring a water bottle with you so you don’t have to buy outside.

If you are considering of drinking caffeinated drinks, be sure to triple the amount of water you consume to balance out the moisture in your body and on your skin!

Apply and reapply sunscreen

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Sunscreen should always be worn – even if you aren’t going to the beach. Don’t be lazy and apply them on your skin and face right before you head out of your house. Remember to reapply every two hours to renew their effects on your skin otherwise it will all be for naught. As much as possible, try not to head out when the sun is high up in the sky (from mid-morning to late afternoon) as well.

Repair and treat damage

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The sun’s UV rays can cause much more harm than sunburns. It can also give you wrinkles, coarse skin, and brown spots. Many people consider a tan skin as beautiful, but it is actually a sign of damage. Upon experiencing them, be sure to treat your skin as soon as possible by applying age-fighting ingredients on your body.

Take note of these five tips to ensure your skin remains at its best condition this summer!

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