2017 Fashion Trends To Follow

Fashion Trends woman in plus size bathing suit

2017 is looking to be a game-changing year in women’s fashion. Stripes are very much in this year — and they are the equivalent to what a white t-shirt used to be 30 years ago. The stripe trend has been on the rise in the last three years and isn’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, sneakers will continue to be immensely popular in 2017 because of their versatility — you simply can never have too many. With additions like glitter, satin, and leopard prints, sneakers effortlessly accessorize any outfit and give you a reason to buy as many pairs as you can get your hands on.

When it comes to beachwear, the body positive movement is making waves, and the fashion world is starting to pay closer attention; many designers are now scrambling to offer a swimming suit for all body types, celebrating inclusion rather than exclusion in the fashion game. In 2017, plus sized swimwear is poised to take the stage with swimming suits that are sexy, stylish and altogether awesome.

Unapologetically sexy, Denise Bidot has made headlines in 2015 and 2016 during campaigns for plus size retailers and Lane Bryant’s untouched photos showing her natural body went viral within hours. So, you can rock your own curves just like Denise when you rock a two-piece animal bikini or a criss-cross one piece that accentuates each curve of your beach-beautiful body.

Shoulders are making a comeback this season with swimwear that shows off the lovely line of a neck and shoulder with adjustable halter neckline two-piece mix and match swimming suits that bring out your inner goddess. However, adjustable halter necklines aren’t the only swimwear options available. Consider any of the following options if you want to make the most out of your swimwear:


Cutouts let you bare a little more skin in a sexy manner while providing the coverage of a one piece. You choose the level of sexy from thin to thick slices of missing fabric.

Mesh provides the look of fishnets with an enhanced level of modesty. Maybe you don’t feel ready for cutouts yet, but a mesh-lined swimming suit provides an excellent starter.


The zip-up one piece lets you expose as much skin as you like. The zipper makes the suit easy to put on, take off, and enjoy the water while wearing.

You might think a minimalist bathing suit is not in a plus size beauty’s repertoire, but it makes an ideal choice for a plus-sized figure. Choose a solid color, the darker, the better. Look for a suit that cut high on the hip to lengthen your legs.

If you’re looking for sexy swimming suits that will stay in place, but still look amazing you can’t go wrong with swimwear from Ashley Graham’s personal swimwear line with online retailer swimsuitsforall, featuring pieces that understand the shapes, dimensions and desires of plus size gals who want to look fashionable, sexy and strong.

Understanding that great swimwear exists that will emphasize and highlight your features is simpler to find when you look online. Searching online for the best swimming suit for you opens up great unexplored avenues where you will find the best suits to accent your shape. So, take a few pages out of the body positive movement rule books of plus size fashion role models like Denise Bidot and Ashley Graham to find the perfect swimwear for you.


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