Keeping Your Home In One Piece

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A home is something that requires care – otherwise, it could be falling apart! Even the strongest houses fade and encounter issues, so don’t rest on your laurels because you do a bit of dusting now and then, your home could be on the verge of a serious issue, and you might not even know it!

The best thing to do is prepare a checklist of potential issues and scout your house for them. Ideally, everything will be fine, but this is not always the case.

If a problem is encountered, take it on right away or call someone who can. Don’t rest as most issues in the home don’t go away on the back of their own free will.

Insects are a huge problem in the home, especially when Summer comes around. Spiders, flies, ants, roaches and more can cause havoc in the home. From dirty cobwebs to contaminated food, there’s no end to the problems that insects can cause. Simple poisons and deterrents are great options, but don’t hesitate to call for help in the event of a serious infestation. If you aren’t sure that there’s an infestation, check for damaged plants, nasty smells, and signs of nesting. Damaged plants close to your home indicate a pest issue.

Foundation issues are really scary things, but can be identified. Standing water and structural decay are easily noticed, and if they are recurring issues it is worth consulting a foundation expert like Foundation issues aren’t to be taken lightly and can be caused by a number of things, but it isn’t your job to fix and could take some major work – so just identify the issue and consult the people who can deal with it in a safe and effective manner to keep your home upright.

The seasons, mainly winter can bring some huge issues to your home. It’s  a good idea to check your driveway for cracks as the water in winter can freeze and snap your driveway into bits. Rock salt and shovels are great for dealing with ice and snow, so have these on hand before you require them.

It’s worth checking the guttering and roofing of your home often as well. Sags in the lining of your roof can cause some serious issues and might hint at water damage and structural issues. Broken roof tiles can be replaced and will protect your attic from water damage and it is worth doing this rather than replacing an entire roof later on.

The gutters on the other hand remove water from your roof, as long as they are not blocked. Clear your gutters often to ensure leaves and dirt are not blocking water from draining away from your roof. The roof is a symbol of safety and it can’t be that if water destroys it.

Water also leads to mold, deal with this by using ready made mold sprays, but if it’s scary and big – it might be harmful so consult a professional.

Don’t sit around waiting for issues to arrive as they might already be there. Deal with them today and try not to delay.


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