Different Types of Shipping Container Transport Used These Days

Shipping Container large boat at dock

You might have this significant question in mind. Why do you think that cargo is shipped in some standardized containers? Well, the main answer lies in its shape, size and flexible usage. You will be pleased to know that this idea of using containers or shipping boxes to be loaded in trucks or moved to ships or trains, was first conceived by a fellow truck hauler. Right from the small to the standard sized to the large containers, there are different sizes and capacities when you want to store goods and carry on with your shipment in the shipping containers to long distance areas.

How to carry on with an efficient process of loading and unloading?

For enhancing this procedure or loading and unloading more, the containers are stacked in a proper manner. For the next step, the size of these containers is standardized to fit in all forms of vehicles, such as trains, trucks, ports and ships. They can now handle the containers with ease, without facing any problem. At present, you are about to come across various types of shipping container transport options, which can fit well with your growing choices and needs.

Shipping containers were used earlier, and also used nowadays:

Well, before you want to know more about the shipping container transport, you must get to know a little bit of its history first. Listed below, are some points, which you were unaware of.

  • The first ever container shipment took place in the year 1956, and it was known for carrying 58 containers.
  • Now, there are various types of crates, small portable containers and cardboard shipping containers which are used fro multiple shipping purposes.
  • After that, it took nearly a decade for the containers to evolve into present day international standard, define freight consolidation as ISO or industrial standard organization containers.

Types of shipping containers

Shipping Containers on freighter ship

Now, it is time for you to know more about the types of shipping container transport available these days. The versions and model numbers might vary, but the basic structure and size remains the same.

  • For the prime step, you will check out the usage of 20 feet dry container. It is mostly used for general form of cargo services. It has 1172 CFT load capacity.
  • Next in the list is the 20 feet rack container. It is flat in design and mostly used for heavy Return Loads, construction equipment, oversized cargo and building supplies. You can use this same machine for transporting heavy machinery with a load capacity of 45000 kgs.
  • You can even try your hand for the 20 foot of open top shipping container transport. It is mostly used for over height cargo and can help you with top loading services.
  • For the next stop, you have the ventilated container, which is yet of 20 feet. It is for carrying those materials, which need ventilation. It is mostly used for transporting green coffee beans and similar such items.
  • You can even try to work out on 20 feet refrigerator container for carrying some frozen items. This kind of container is in much need of temperature control.

Booking a nonstandard container:

In case, you are looking for non-standard shipping container transport, then there are some steps, which you must follow, indeed. Whenever you plan to shipping oversized cargo, the weight and dimension helps in determining the right container type. You have to provide this information along with specification sheet to freight forwarder. It is his duty to handle all sorts of booking with the current shipping firm.

Reputed shipping firms also provide you with detailed fees assessment and customize the solution for your said cargo. You need to work on such services few months before the final shipment date.


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