Several Essential Details About Compact Home Lifts

Home Lifts nice entryway to home

Compact home lift is usually used in homes, apartments and other private personal properties where there are multiple floors or uneven flooring. Home lifts are the best option when climbing stairs become a challenging task and is an alternative to stair lift. These lifts do not occupy the additional space for the machine room or pit. Usually the maintenance and repair cost of these lifts are much lower as compared to the traditional ones. It is also the best process for carrying heavy goods. They also add value to the property and is very economical. Compact lifts can be installed anywhere in the house without any hassle usually within a couple of hours. These structures do not require any lift shaft and is usually a completely self-supporting structure.


Compact home lift can usually be classified in a few basic categories. The basic classifications are as follows:

  • Compact classic: These lifts are the best option for carrying not more than 2 people in less than 30 seconds. They usually tend to travel one or two floors. This also increases the aesthetic as well as property value of the house.
  • Compact crystal: These lifts usually have a see through feature which increases the value of the house. It allows natural light to pass especially if it is placed near a window.
  • Compact classic thru: It usually has all the features of a compact classic lift but allows users to enter the lift from one side and after reaching the destination leave from the other side.


Installing a personalized compact home lift was considered a luxury and was usually installed to facilitate aged or ill people. However, this concept has changed over the years with the drop in cost of the machineries, equipment and installation process and mindset of the people. There are numerous benefits of installing home lifts. Some of them are discussed below.

Home Lifts beautiful house entryway

  • Functionality: It helps in simplifying life by reducing the regular movement of stairs. It relieves the homemaker from the pain of carrying heavy goods up and down the staircases. It saves a lot of time during transferring multiple items. It is the best option for people with mobility issues.
  • Saves on space: Compact lifts take much less area for installation as compared to traditional staircases, which allows the homemaker to save a lot of space. The lifts can also be installed on an outside wall which allows entry and exit at each floor.
  • Increase in the property value: Adding a home lift would help in increasing the value of the property. Buyers would be easily attracted and ready to pay a lump sum amount. An important aspect to check before buying the home is future accessibility and would be a hot cake especially among senior citizens or physically ill people.
  • Security: Safety and security is one of the most important advantages of installing home elevators. It is especially advantageous for old people and children. It would definitely reduce the chance of severe accidents such as elderly people falling down the stairs or even worse children tripping down the stair rails. Travelling in elevator is considered as the safest option for travelling. Even during a power issue the lift can be controlled from inside.
  • Style: With the passing days’ home elevators are becoming more and more affordable among the common men and is now not limited among the affluent citizens. Adding a home elevator would definitely make your home different from the rest.
  • Quiet: These lifts do not emit any operational noise and operates quietly.


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